Here are a Few Ways to Help Combat Stress

By John Rubbo

As most of us have been required to remain at home during these unprecedented times I thought I would share some tips that could be useful in “destressing”.

1. Stay informed but don’t overwhelm yourself – The more you learn about the COVID-19 pandemic, the more steps you can take to feel safe. Make sure to get facts from reputable websites like the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

2. Stick to a schedule – Doctors are recommending that keeping a routine that includes maintaining regular working hours, eating timely meals and continued exercise will be a key to sustaining strong mental health.

3. Stay socially active – While our traditional ways of being socially active have been temporarily put on hold we can still virtually enjoy each other’s company. Whether it is through Facetiming our relatives to say hi or hosting a dinner party through Zoom, keeping in contact with our family and friends will help stay mentally fit.

4. Exercise often – The American Heart Association suggests the average adult exercise 150 minutes per week.

Stay Healthy & Stay Home!

Thank you and I hope you find this informative. I truly hope you and your families are healthy and safe during this time.

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