Sue Serino Blasts the Passage of NYS Budget

ALBANY – Senator Sue Serino released the statement below following the passage of the New York State Budget:

“I am incredibly disappointed that Albany has passed a state budget shrouded in such secrecy at a time when New Yorkers across the state are struggling to stay afloat and looking to government to do the right thing.

“This budget embodies how truly out of touch Albany is with the challenges most New Yorkers are facing now. People are worried about putting food on the table and staying safe and healthy. This budget does nothing to address these immediate needs and it fails to provide the resources necessary to help keep our small businesses afloat.

“Instead, politicians chose to include money to support taxpayer-funded campaigns, make it harder for minor political parties to get on the ballot, and make an unnecessary addition to the state flag. Worse, the one policy that thousands of New Yorkers agreed needed to be addressed—bail reform—was once again handled behind closed doors resulting in changes that still do not go far enough to protect residents.

“While I have always been opposed to the practice of including policy proposals in the state budget, to include partisan policy during this trying time is particularly egregious. The budget should have focused solely on running essential services and providing critical relief to those in need.

“Now, more than ever, we need to band together as New Yorkers to get through this trying time. All eyes are on Albany as we work to respond to an unprecedented public health emergency. We can, and we must, do better.”

Senator Serino voted ‘no’ on all state budget bills passed last week.

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