Think About It, “Where Are We Really Heading and Why”?

As of this date 4/17/20, the news stated that in the United States there are 667,800 Corona Virus cases and 32,900 people in the United States have died from that virus. Wow! “What’s “REALLY” going on and “Why” is it going on??? Give some “Serious” thoughts to those two questions. I find it to be very strange, or is it, that this is going on in the year that the Presidential election will also be going on. Is this just a coincidence or was this planned to be unfolding in the way that it is at this specific point and time? Truthfully, I do not really know. Do you?

Are we being tricked, bamboozled, hoodwinked or what? Is the wool trying to be pulled over our eyes? Are we being manipulated into believing this hype? Why is it that African Americans have the highest numbers of loss in this tragic event? Should we be surprised about that?
Saying what we really think, feel or believe about this madness could cause us to be looked upon as being irrational. Why? Because we are supposed to believe only what we’re told to believe and not what we feel is the hard-cold reality of what we see unfolding before our very eyes.

Was this planned so that around election time people would be so hyped up about this virus that they would be very fearful of going out to the polls to vote? One never knows does one?

Have you wondered why African Americans have the highest rates of demise in this situation? Give some real “Serious” thought to that question. We have to get our minds cleared and focused before we can truly decipher what’s “Really” going on.

Have we been tricked, hoodwinked or bamboozled re: “All” of this madness? What are we really feeling about this? Are we going to be able to really recover from this madness?

Emotionally, how are we doing? How is this “Really” affecting us? Loved ones have been lost and we have not been able to part with them in the truly loving way that we usually do.

How are we going to be able to handle that? How is our inner peace being affected?

We had better realize that this world is heading towards Destruction. Man’s inhumanity to man is the major cause for “All” that is going on today. The. Love” of money and power are the driving forces for what we see going on. How are we going to react to “All” of this?
An Ashanti proverb says “The ruin of a nation begins in the home of its people!” Life Is A Challenge! African tradition tells us that it does not matter what difficulties we face.

Our worth is measured by how we face those difficulties. If we are to grow and reach our fullest potential, we have no time to waste on bad days.

My prayers go out to Rev. Brigg’s family. He was a great leader in our city and he will always be remembered for his compassion. My tears are also pouring down for the mother of Tyrell Fincher, whose life was taken recently due to an incident with the city of Newburgh’s police department. Her heart could not handle the tragedy of her son’s life being taken in the way that it was, therefore her life ended. Lord Have Mercy!

People, where is this WORLD heading? Give some “REAL” serious thought to that question!
Do not forget the “Census!” If you have not participated in it yet, do so immediately, for the Census determines how much money will be sent into our city to hopefully upgrade the quality of life in our city, hopefully for “ALL!” Also, please wear your masks whenever you go outside because if not, your very life could be in danger due to the “Corona Virus!” “Serious!”
Let me leave you with this question “There are three kinds of people in the world; those who make things happen; those who watch things happen; those who wonder what happened.” Which are you? Give some real serious thought to that question!

“Where Are We Really Heading And Why Are We Heading There??????????”

This is “Lillie’s Point of View” and I’m just having my say. Peace!

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