Teachers Donate Food to St. Luke’s Hospital

NEWBURGH – The Newburgh Teachers Association (NTA) in partnership with Anna’s Restaurant donated food to the physicians, nurses and medical staff of Montefiore St Luke’s Cornwall Hospital in Newburgh, New York. Members of the NTA delivered the donated items to St. Luke’s on Friday, April 17th. Items were received by Kate Dabrowski, VP of Marketing and Public and Community Relations.

“Health Care Workers all over this country are risking their lives to take care of all of us,” said Stacy Moran, NTA President. “The NTA wanted to acknowledge their courage and sacrifice.

This donation was our way of showing our appreciation to the medical staff at St. Luke’s who are taking care of the community we serve in Newburgh.”

“Our medical professionals have emerged as true heroes during this difficult time,” said Matthew Scully, Vice-President of the NTA. “Stacy Moran and the NTA leadership wanted to give something back to them for all they have done for our local community.”

This initiative would not have been possible without the great volunteer work of NTA Members, Zoey Matthews and Mirsini Penfold. They contacted all parties involved and arranged for the delivery of the items to St. Luke’s.

“Today’s donation was given on behalf of the NTA-Newburgh Teachers Association with the support of Anna’s Restaurant,” said Mrs. Matthews.

“We want to thank Zoey for making this all possible,” said Mr. Scully. “Her hard work and dedication helped out a lot of people. The NTA sends its best wishes to St Luke’s as well as everyone in our local school community. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy. We look forward to seeing everyone again when time allows.”