To Whom Do Black Lives Really Matter?

I woke up early this morning with the above question very “SERIOUSLY” on my mind. To whom do “BLACK” (African American) lives “REALLY” matter??? My heart is “VERY” overwhelmed and has been for many years re: this most “SERIOUS” question. Throughout the years we have been hated by so many, including by many of our own, and to that I have to ask “WHY?” “WHY?” “WHY?”

What have we done to be hated so “SERIOUSLY?” Does anyone know the “REAL” answer to this most “SERIOUS” question? If so, please share your answer with me. We’re continously being beaten, murdered, and treated very meanly by not only the police, but by so many others, including ourselves. WHY??? What is the “REAL” reason? Please let me know why!
We, as a people, African Americans, are so separated and divided, and I would like to know the real reason why this is so? I am wondering why this is weighing so “SERIOUSLY” on my mind? Tears are flowing from my eyes as I am writing these words. Maybe it’s because since 6AM this morning my eyes have been gazing upon some information that really pained my heart. It’s called “The Black Code” sometimes called “Black Laws” which were laws governing the conduct of African Americans (free blacks). The best known of them were passed in 1865 and 1866 by Southern states, after the American Civil war, in order to restrict African Americans’ freedom and to compel them to work for low wages. Many Southern governments passed laws preventing African Americans from voting, among other things, which prompted Congress to pass the Fourteenth Amendment (1877-1954) which guaranteed that anyone born in the United States, regardless of previous conditions of servitude, had full citizenship, meaning they’re entitled to all the rights and privileges of being a citizen, and equal protection under the law. So a law could not target someone on the basis of their race. Now to enforce the 14th Amendment, Congress sent federal troops to the states in the South, divided the Southern regions up into military zones and said that the South would be occupied by emerald troops until the states rewrote their Constitutions to recognize the 14th Amendment, in effect to give equal citizenship to African Americans. They also passed the15th Amendment two years later in 1870, which said voting rights are included among these citizenship rights guaranteed in the 14th Amendment. I should mention that these voting rights were only for African American men. WOW! To that let me say that African American women should have also been included in this due to the fact that they were being continously raped by the masters, which brought many children into the world, or maybe could that be the reason for black women being treated in such an inhumane way? They did not get the right to vote until 1920.

I must stop writing about this because my head is throbbing with so much pain. Why? Because “WE” are still being mistreated and appalled in this country by so many. “BLACK LIVES” still do not “REALLY” matter to very many in this country, and so sad to say, that includes many of my very own people. WAKE UP! What is it going to take to make us truly “LOVE” one another? When are we going to “TRULY” love and respect each other? When are we going to stop hating one another? I do not know if we ever will. Why do I say that? Judging by what I see that has been going on throughout the years I do not know when this will stop. “A people so separated and divided, will never be able to enjoy what it feels like truly being one!” Even though at one time some of us were in the house of the master, and some were in the fields, we were still looked upon as being nothing but “NIGGERS!” WAKE UP!

The event that attorney Michael Sussman held earlier last week at Baptist Temple was very eye opening. More should have been there because I know that very many are being harassed and abused by our police department. For some reason it seems like either they don’t care or they are scared to come forward. My heart is very weighed down due to the threats and harassment that Councilman Shakur is experiencing from some of the police but it’s not surprising because this is not something that just started, this has been going on for many years. “BLACK” folks that have the “AUDACITY” to not remain silent re: “POLICE BRUTALITY” usually pay a dear price. I hope and pray that this does not happen to Councilman Shakur! “LORD HAVE MERCY!” The Newburgh chapter of the NAACP needs to get more thoroughly involved with what’s going on re: our city of Newburgh’s Police Department. They are connected to a national organization therefore they can have national attention brought on the city of Newburgh’s police department. Are they going to wait until another African American is murdered by the city of Newburgh’s police department? “What’s Up?” “To Whom Do Black Lives Really Matter?

“News Bulletin”: Don’t forget to join the NECSD BOE Zoom meeting on Tuesday, July 21st. They will be having a discussion around the approval of a Board Statement around “BLACK LIVES MATTER” in our schools. Go to the District website for information to the ZOOM link for the meeting.

This is “Lillie’s Point of View” and I’m just having my say!”

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