Poughkeepsie Reopening Youth Services Awards

POUGHKEEPSIE – City of Poughkeepsie Mayor Rob Rolison announced that grants through the Youth Activities & Opportunities Program established in 2018 and refunded by the Common Council in this year’s budget will now be available to eligible applicants.

The awards assist local nonprofits by providing funding to support youth services as well as various summer and educational programs.

As a result of the COVID 19 crisis, the Youth Activities & Opportunities Program was placed on a “temporary pause” due to the uncertainty surrounding the reopening of the City.

Guidelines and COVID- related requirements have now been put into place, and city funding will be available as programs reconvene. Organizations that have new programming or that has a modified one should submit a new application and/or an amendment to their original application, specifically setting forth the policies and procedures in place to appropriately operate under the mandated State COVID 19 orders.

The information must be submitted to the Office of Social Development in order to be considered for funding.

“We have been able to grow the sum of this money over the years,” said Mayor Rolison.

“We look forward to playing an instrumental role as programs come back on line after this very difficult period.”

Applicants are encouraged to contact the Office of Social Development at (845) 451-4046 for further information or to discuss program eligibility.

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