City of Newburgh Rolls Out Five-Year Paving Plan

NEWBURGH – The City of Newburgh is pleased to announce a comprehensive 5-year paving plan, which upon completion will resurface more than 25 miles of roadway throughout the City.

The 2020 paving season began this past Monday, July 13. Signs were posted throughout the Liberty and Grand Street corridors instructing residents of temporary parking regulations, which will remain in place while the City paves two of its main arterials. Streets to be paved in 2020 include Grand Street (from Washington to Clinton), Liberty (from Broadway to South), and Colden (from Washington to Renwick). Milling is the first step of the repaving process, which began earlier this week on Grand Street and will continue onto Liberty and Colden.

The 2020 paving projects were initially delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions. The City’s comprehensive plan accounts for resurfacing of nearly 50 streets over the next five years across the City. A complete map of all roads to be paved and additional information related to the plan can be found at:

Mayor Torrance Harvey applauded the work of the Department of Public Works when he stated, “This is wonderful news and is one of the highlights of 2020 in this City’s comprehensive plan for smooth streets for our drivers and bicyclists.” The Mayor went on to state, “Some of our streets are long overdue for this and I thank the Public Works, Engineering, and Water Departments for making it happen.”

The City ambitiously undertook two rounds of paving during the Spring and Fall of 2019, and used approximately 300 tons of asphalt in the process. The City’s paving plans are created in 5-year blocks and the last plan covered 2015-2019 during which 18 lane miles were milled and paved. Significant and steady improvements can be seen in the current 5-year plan, which includes more than 25 miles of roads and nearly 50 separate projects.
The paving process begins with ensuring curb ramps are in compliance with ADA specifications, followed by the milling process which grinds down deficiencies in the old driving surface. Staff then prepare surface elements such as curb boxes, water valves, manholes, and catch basins. Next come deep repairs that address subsurface conditions that may be several feet underground. After these treatments, a new layer of fresh pavement can be applied, followed by painting of lane lines.

The Department of Public Works oversees all elements of road resurfacing, and works in close collaboration with both the Water and Engineering Departments to ensure that multiple schedules for infrastructure maintenance align. The City’s Water Department regularly responds to subsurface emergencies such as water main breaks, and the Engineering Department monitors infrastructure including the condition of sewer and wastewater systems. All of the aforementioned work is done mostly in house, which provides considerable cost savings for all.

The City asks for the cooperation of the public regarding parking rules to facilitate street paving projects. Signs are posted indicating that parking is prohibited on these sections of street from 6:00am-5:00pm during construction. Parking rules will be in effect until work is complete and signs are removed.

People who have questions or concerns about paving projects are welcome to contact either the Office of the City Manager at 845-569-7301 or the Department of Public Works at 845-565-3297.