Kamala Harris Is Only Human, and So Are You!

As I was watching the news the headline “Joe Biden picks Senator Kamala Harris to be his vice presidential running mate”, my heart fluttered. WOW! Immediately I began to feel a little uneasy for in my spirit I knew what was going to be forthcoming re: his choice of her. Sure enough just as I thought here it was. President Trump says that she was not born in this country. WOW! Evidently to him Oakland, California is not a part of the United States of America. Truthfully, where ever she was born would not have been considered to be good enough to him. But to herself she felt good enough to rise and this is what she did.

She did not allow herself to be stunted because of the color of her skin. She chose to invest in herself which is what she did. She did not allow the enemy to rob her from becoming that which was inside of her heart to be.

She’s not perfect, which none of us are. He who is without sin cast the first stone. How dare anyone, including the president of these United States, try to rob her of her many accomplishments. In spite of how hard it must have been for her, she kept on keeping on. She did not allow anyone nor anything to rob her from obtaining that which she was created for. She should be honored for not giving up. I m quite sure, throughout her journey, at times she must have felt like doing so. But she didn’t and because of that we may see history made by her becoming the “FIRST” African American female Vice President of the United States of America. What a beautiful message this should be for our young African American girls. WOW!

Let us not ever forget that Kamala is not a “SUPERWOMAN” for throughout her life I am quite sure that she was overworked, undervalued and was usually under much pressure. But she did not allow that to stop her from obtaining her dream. All of you young African American girls please never allow yourselves to ever give up on yourselves. Always remember that you are young, gifted and black and just like Kamala was able to achieve her goals, so can you. Do not allow yourselves to wallow in the valley of disparity. Keep on keeping on moving towards accomplishing your dreams, which is what Kamala did. In spite of what is or what is not going on in your lives, “NEVER” give up. Truthfully, women are discriminated against regardless of what color they are, but we as “BLACK” women experience this more often. But we should “NEVER” allow ourselves to give up.

Let me end saying to you young African American girls and young ladies: “NEVER” give up, keep on moving up and forward. Keep believing that the sky should be your only limit. Just like Kamala “NEVER” gave up, neither should you. Soon, Kamala just may become the first
African American female President of these United States of America. So can you also become that which you choose to. “NEVER” give up on you! Kamala “NEVER” gave up on herself and look now at what she is accomplishing. I’m quite sure that she had many pitfalls but she did not allow them to keep her from moving upwards and forward. Embrace these words coming forth from Joyce Walker Joseph(African American Model and Actress) “Surround yourself with meaning. Don’t be stuck where you’re merely tolerated. Don’t be afraid to talk and to share; we all deserve love and life.” To that I say “YES!” Let us “ALL” watch and listen very closely to see what or what does not happen in this upcoming presidential race. Hopefully, we will see the first African American woman become the Vice President of the United States of America, then maybe eventually become “PRESIDENT” YES! YES! YES!

This is “LILLIE’S POINT OF VIEW” and I’m just having my say, and now you can have yours!

Also, I would like to acknowledge the beautiful event that the NuVOTERS MOVEMENT and the NAACP gave last Sunday for our youth. It was “AWESOME!”

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