Poughkeepsie Police Tased Man With Knife

POUGHKEEPSIE – On Thursday evening around 8:15 p.m., City of Poughkeepsie Police received reports of a man waving a knife in traffic at the intersection of Washington Street and Parker Avenue.

Arriving units located the man who was said to be menacing cars with the knife and ordered him to drop the weapon. He refused several verbal commands to drop the knife and instead, walked away from the officers, towards Bain Avenue.

Additional police units arrived and officers deployed a taser, striking the man, who immediately fell to the ground, in front of Lola’s Cafe on Washington Street.

The intersection at Bain Avenue was temporarily closed as the subject was evaluated by medics from Mobile Life Support Services.

A witness told Mid-Hudson News that he watched the scene unfold and it was disturbing.

“He was waving a big knife around while walking around in circles like a rabid woodchuck. When the taser hit him, he dropped like a rock.”

The suspect was transported to MidHudson Regional Hospital in the ambulance, followed by at least two police units.

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