How Long? How Long! How Long? How Long!

Lately, I’ve found myself “seriously” wondering will the change that my friend Sam Cook wrote and sang about, is ever going to come? Right about now, this 80 year old heart is feeling very overwhelmed re: what I see still going on throughout our country. Truthfully, I feel that things are only going to get worse. Some may feel that this is a very pessimistic statement that I’m making, but that’s the way that I’m presently feeling.

It seems as if from the first day that my forefather’s feet touched the very grounds of ‘my country tis of thee,’ there has been nothing but pain after pain after pain in the hearts of my people, including mine. Could it be that because the very thought of us brings enormous misery inside of my white brethren’s hearts, for we are a constant reminder of the inhumanity of their forefathers? Lord have mercy. How long? How long? How long? But that very same inhumanity is still in existence in so many of their hearts. WOW! I find that to be very strange being in a land that professes to be largely Christian. WOW! Why? Because my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ left us a commandment to love one another. Where is the love?

I truly do believe that our Lord’s return is closer than most realize and that is the true reason for all of the chaotic turmoil in existence throughout the world. Soon and very soon I do believe that we are going to see our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ coming back on the clouds and every eye shall see him.

What the world needs now is love, sweet love, for that’s the major thing that there is just very little of. I find it to be quite interesting that so many of my Christian brethren are more concerned about the baby in the mother’s womb but when that same baby becomes a human life on this earth so many are not concerned about the quality of life that this baby will have once it leaves that mother’s womb and becomes a human being. WOW! Especially if that baby happens to be African American. How sad!

Please help me to understand how this can be possible in ‘my country tis of thee, sweet land of Liberty?’ Where is the love? How can this be? How can their be peace in a country where there is no true Liberty and Justice for “All”? Please help me to truly understand this? Please! Please! Please! How long are you, America, going to halter between two opinions? How long are you going to keep putting your feet on our necks? How long are we supposed to be silent in the midst of such madness? Maybe it’s because you do not look upon us “Black” folks as really being human beings. Truthfully, you treat your animals better than you treat most of us. WOW!

Don’t you realize that where there is no justice that there can never be any true peace? If you could only realize how most of us “Black” mothers feel every time our Black sons and now also our Black daughters leave the house. We always wonder are we going to see them again. If we do see them again, will they return to our homes the same way that they were when they left home? Lord have mercy! How long? How long? How long? How long? How long? How long?

Please help us to understand exactly when a change is going to come. We are growing very weary and tired. Will this upcoming presidential election really make a difference? Even if the democrats win, will it truly make a “Real” difference? Why do I feel this way? Because truly “Racism” towards my people has been in existence since our forefather’s feet first stood on this country’s land. Scripture tells us to “Cry loud and spare not!” Scripture also tells us in 2nd CHRONICLES 7:14:”If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.(Amplified Bible) WOW! This is the answer!

Turn! Turn! Turn! The answer to “All” of what’s going on throughout the world is right here. Say so, say so, let the redeemed of the LORD say so! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Last, but most definitely not least, all that I have written is coming forth from a heart of love! But it’s “Tough Love!”

Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up!

This is Lillie’s “Point Of View” and I’m just having my say! Now you can have yours! Peace!

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