LoBiondo Campaign For Councilman Kicks Off

NEWBURGH – On September 1st, Town of Newburgh Councilman Anthony LoBiondo held a Campaign Kickoff Party at the Lakeview House Restaurant, said Juliana LoBiondo, his wife and campaign manager.

“I’d like to thank the Lakeview House for a beautiful and socially distanced evening,” said LoBiondo, who was appointed as Town Councilman in July to fill a vacancy and who is running for election to retain his seat in November. “I was humbled to have so many family, friends, and supporters come out to the event. I have been working hard as your Town Councilman. In addition to my duties, I spend time with our wonderful town employees and highlight them on my social media platforms. I have also been visiting local businesses throughout the Town, talking to them about their ideas and concerns, and highlighting them with video showcases every Saturday. Our Town employees, small businesses, laborers, seniors and families are the backbone of our Town, and I will continue to champion them in every way possible.”

LoBiondo is a lifelong resident of the Town of Newburgh and has been an attorney for 29 years. He and his wife, Juliana, own a law firm together in the Town of Newburgh. They have been married for 22 years and have two sons, ages 20 and 16. Their oldest son is active duty military and their younger son is a sophomore at Don Bosco Prep High School and is active in his father’s campaign.

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