Proposed Kingston City Budget Cuts Spending

KINGSTON – Mayor Steven Noble’s proposed 2021 Kingston city budget includes no property tax increase, no layoffs and comes in $1.3 million less than this year’s spending plan.

In a seven-minute video presentation, the mayor said in these difficult times, the budget is really designed for the city residents and their needs.

“Because of the time when our children are struggling to understand why the world is changing, we need to invest in safe, clean parks and community centers for them to play,” he said. “At a time when our city is looking for was to grow and develop our local economy, we need to invest in our infrastructure. At a time when too many of our neighbors are struggling with housing insecurity, we need to rebuild our vacant homes, and move forward policies that protect our existing residents.”

Noble’s 2021 budget comes in at $43.15 million, down from $44.37 million in 2020.

To help balance the budget given state and federal aid reductions, the budget includes $1.36 million from the general fund balance.

The document will now go before a public hearing and common council scrutiny before a final spending plan is adopted.

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