Vote Young and Mature African American Men

Last night as I sat watching the final “2020 Presidential Debate” I felt a very “Strong” heaviness within my heart. Why? Because my mind was thinking about what would, and what could possibly be the “future” for us African Americans throughout America? Being that this land was built on our forefather’s beaten and whipped backs, I find it to be very sad that some of our young African American men are still being “hoodwinked!” Wow!
Recently, while watching P Diddy’s “Revolt” channel and “Seriously” listening to the conversation that was going on, I felt a strong heaviness within my heart. Why? Because the conversation was about the possibility of our young African American males supporting President Trump in this upcoming presidential election. How? By voting for him or not voting at all. Say what? How and why could that be a possibility? Being that Kanye West, a very well-known rapper is doing so, how many others are going to follow in his footsteps?

Wow! Right about now I know that our forefathers are turning over in their graves. Why? Because this country was built upon their “whipped and battered” backs! How now, and why is it possible for that to be forgotten? Also, how is it forgotten or did you not know that Blacks started compulsory education. Even stone workers in ancient Egypt learned to read, and education was made mandatory by the Moors, while 90% of Europe was illiterate, including royalty. Blacks started libraries. The ancient Egyptians created paper about 4000 BC, which made library storage easier. Over 700,000 books were in the libraries of Egypt before Homer, the father of Western literature, was even born. The earliest mathematical device found to date is the Lebombo bone of Southern Africa. It is about 37,000 years old and appears to be a lunar calendar. Black peoples even pioneered fishing and sailing.

Blacks started astronomy. Ruins of a 300 BC astronomical observatory were found at Namoratunga in Kenya. A stone observatory over 5,000 years old was found west of Egypt. I could go on and on about our forefather’s inventions and discoveries but for now let me say that there’s nothing new under the sun. Most modern inventions, techniques, cultural practices and ideas can be traced back to ancient origins. And when you go back to the original of all things, you find Black people.

I guess that by now, some are wondering why does Lillie Howard keep bringing up her ancestor’s past? To that I say “it’s because I do not want my people, especially our youth, to ever forget the ‘diamonds’ of their past.” Many of them do not even know about these “diamonds” because not much of our forefather’s past is taught within our school systems throughout the country and that’s a very sad indictment upon those that have the power to change that. Anyway, let me say that this upcoming presidential election is going to “Seriously” determine what the future is going to be like for us “Black” folks. Our “Black” youth, those that are old enough to vote in this upcoming presidential election, need to understand the “Power” that they have. Please do not allow that power to be misused by anyone, including yourselves, nor President Trump. Be wise, be smart!

As I’m finalizing this, “All” of us “Black” folks had better realize that this upcoming presidential election is going to determine what our future in this country, the country that was built off of the scarred backs of our people, is going to be like for us. In fact, let me end with the words of our “Slain” leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “But for a symphony and our freedom to be complete, there has to be a ‘Fourth Movement!’ Even with the right to vote and access to public facilities, it is still possible to be jobless, homeless and hungry. This ‘Fourth Movement’ is the battle to provide greater access to capital and economic power to underserved America. ‘All’ of underserved America. Black America. White America. Brown America. Red America. Now that we have ended legal apartheid, it is time to tear down the economic partition.” Wow!

The above words were spoken by our slain leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1963. Here we are in 2020, which is 57 years later, and the ills that he cited back then are still the reality of very many of us today. Wow! To our young African American men, that may be considering to vote for President Trump in this upcoming election, or not voting at all, I say “He who forgets ‘our’ past is most definitely ‘doomed’ to see it repeated over again!” What past? The “past” when our forefathers were stolen and packed like sardines in a can on slave ships, being brought to America to build the land. The past when our females and males were continuously raped and beaten by their “masters!” The past when our families were separated by being sold to other “White masters!” Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up!

Young Black men please do not allow “that history” to ever be repeated again! If so, “You” will only have “yourselves” to blame! Always remember that “the ‘Love’ not the ‘need’ of money is the ‘root’ of ‘all’ evil!” This is coming forth unto you from a heart filled with nothing but “love” for you. Last, but most definitely not least, “Please do not forget to vote!” Do it in “memory” of our forefathers that “risked” and some even “lost” their lives trying to win their rights to do so. Peace!

News Bulletin: Nu-V.O.T.E.R.S Movement has partnered with local residents to provide transportation to the early voting poll which will be at the Recreation Center in Newburgh, N.Y. If you have any interest in helping to provide rides or need a ride, (especially elders) please contact the NU- V.O.T.E.R.S Movement hotline number at (845) 490-8819.

This is “Lillie’s Point Of View” and I’m just having my say! Now you can have yours!

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