Delgado Declares Second-Term Victory

RHINEBECK – Democratic Congressman Antonio Delgado, Wednesday night, declared victory in his bid for a second term in Washington representing the 19th District.
He defeated Republican Kyle Van De Water in Tuesday’s election.

Delgado said he is leading his opponent by over 7,000 votes “and the data shows that our margin of victory will grow once absentee ballots are accounted for.” He said some 60,000 absentee ballots are left to be counted in the district with the majority – 51.22 percent – cast by registered democrats, and a minority – 22.20 percent – cast by registered Republicans.

The congressman’s campaign said he won because he listens to the concerns of the people in the district.

In his second term, Delgado’s campaign said he will “continue to seek out common ground in order to deliver results for the people of Upstate New York.”

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