Lillie’s Sermon to Young Black African America

As I’m watching and listening to the television bringing forth the results of the 2020 presidential election, I find my heart becoming very heavy. Kanye West received 60,000 votes and more than likely those votes came mostly from our African American youth.

Those votes could and should have been given to Vice President Biden. WOW! There were also several other rappers that did not support Biden, namely Ice Cube, 50 Cent and Lil’ Wayne. They also mainly became successful because of our African American youth being their major supporters. How soon have those rappers forgotten our youth. A very loud and clear message should be forthcoming from our youth to them by not supporting them any longer, although I seriously doubt that this will happen. Why not? Because most of our youth are not politically enlightened to the inner workings of politics. Hopefully, P Diddy’s “REVOLT” political party will be enlightening our youth re: the significance and importance of making the right political decisions that will have tremendous affects upon their lives.

Right about now this 80 year old lady is growing very weary because usually year, after year, after year, I have seen my people being used as pawns by their very own leaders. It’s not what the white politicians have done to our people which hurts so bad, but what has been done to us by some of our very own leaders throughout the years which has left a deep pain within my heart. Throughout the years some of our very own leaders have manipulated and misused us for their very own betterment. This has gone on year after year and it’s still going on. It’s not what they can do for their community, but what they can do and get for themselves. That is why leaders such as Dr. King and Malcolm X were murdered because they could not be bought. WOW!

Our youth need to do some “Serious” investigation into our history and they will discover that throughout the years we have been sold out by some of our very own. Usually, we’re so happy to see someone from our own culture in power that we tend to not hold their feet to the fire making sure that they are working for “Our” community’s best interest and not just their very own. Never forget that we should always ask ourselves why is it that we hardly ever see things change that much for “Our” community, but those leaders seem to make out okay for themselves. Wake UP! Wake UP! Throughout the years we have seen this going on but we remain silent due to the fact that we do not want to be called “trouble makers.” WOW!

Anyway, it is going to be quite interesting to see how this upcoming presidential election winds up and most definitely how we wind up. Are things going to get better for us or are things going to remain the same. You young people are the future, therefore you must “Seriously” get involved. Stop allowing yourselves to be “hoodwinked” and start giving some real “Serious” attention to what’s going on throughout your communities. Stop allowing yourselves to believe the hype and look around to see how your community is benefitting. Are things getting any better for you or only for your leaders. Stop the violence going on throughout your communities, due to the outrage that is going on inside of you because of your frustration about nothing changing for you. Do some research to find out why things have remained the same throughout the years in your community. Find out why is it that your leaders, throughout the years, have benefitted, but nothing that much has changed throughout the years for your communities.

Last, but most definitely not least, check out P Diddy’s “REVOLT” channel so that you can get information re: the “REVOLT” political party that he has started. This is real important. Our own!

Never give up! Keep on keeping in moving in the right direction. Hopefully, Vice President Biden and Senator Harris win, but that should not allow you to stop doing your research to find out why things never get that much better throughout your community. Get involved!
Let me leave you with these words taken from “Tears We Cannot Stop” by Michael Eric Dyson. “Beloved, if the enslaved could nurture, on the vine of their desperate deficiency of democracy, the spiritual and moral fruit that fed our civilization, then surely we can name and resist demagoguery; we can protest, and somehow defeat, the forces that threaten the soul of our nation. To not try, to give up on the possibility that we can make a difference, can make the difference, is to give up on our past, on our complicated, difficult, but victorious past. Donald Trump is not our final, or ultimate problem. The problem is, instead, allowing hopelessness to steal our joyful triumph before we work hard enough to achieve it.”

This is Lillie’s Point of View” and I’m just having my say. Now you can have yours!

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