Citizens Foundation Seeks Fundraising Support

For 26 years, the Orange County Citizens Foundation has selected a citizen worthy of receiving the Ottaway Medal. Named in honor of Ruth and James Ottaway, prominent philanthropists and founders of the Times Herald Record and a national media chain, dedicated to improving quality of life in our county, the Ottaway Medal is awarded each year to a citizen who embodies their community leadership and commitment.

Earlier this year, the Citizens Foundation chose an extraordinary citizen to receive the Ottaway Medal, Linda S. Muller, President and CEO of Cornerstone Family Healthcare. She is a lifelong Orange County resident and has served at the helm of Cornerstone with a mission to ensure that every person in our community has access to quality health care.

Linda is highly respected and recognized as a leader in the health care field, and has consistently remained committed to improving the health, wellness and quality of life for our region.

Upon announcing the Board’s selection, the community response and support was evident and the event, originally scheduled for April 30, 2020, was expected to support the annual fundraising goals vital to the continued viability of a non-profit organization that has been focused on creating quality communities in the Hudson Valley area for nearly 50 years. To maintain state safety guidelines, the event is now scheduled for December 3, 2020 and will be a virtual event with the exception of a limited number of Linda’s friends, family and staff in attendance at the award ceremony. Ticket holders will receive a to-go dinner and access to view the program online.

Like most non-profit organizations, the Citizens Foundation’s fundraising revenues have been greatly impacted by COVID-19 and as a result many programs and services that have struggled throughout the region. Nonetheless, the Citizens Foundation has remained focused on community revitalization, public policy, infrastructure issues related to land use, energy, and transportation, sustainable economic growth, and more. Over the past weeks and months, the Citizens Foundation held two NYS Senate debates, co-sponsored a women’s leadership conference, helped 140 businesses apply for loans and grants to remain solvent, and is working with two industry clusters, an artificial intelligence cluster and CBD/Hemp cluster, to increase the number of jobs in our region. The Ottaway Medal fundraising dinner is vital to the Citizen Foundation’s revenue resources.

Nancy Proyect, President of the Citizens Foundation, stated, “The vast majority of charities have had to adjust the way we serve our constituents and raise funds to make ends meet. We remain committed to carrying on our work and are hopeful that the local community will support our efforts by joining us in honoring an incredible role model for women, girls, business people, and community leaders.”

About the Orange County Citizens Foundation:
The Orange County Citizens Foundation is a membership-based non-governmental organization that improves quality of life for Orange County residents through public policy and advocacy in land use and transportation planning, water conservation, waste management, cultural affairs, education, agriculture, recreation, and healthcare. The Citizens Foundation is housed on 50 acres of bucolic farmland, formerly the home of Surrealist artist Kurt Seligmann. On these Sugar Loaf grounds, known as the Seligmann Center at the Citizens Foundation, the organization brings people together to create and share new ideas, artistic performances, and thought-provoking programming. For more information, visit or contact Christa Martino at 845.469.9459

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