Upcoming Haitian Holiday Handcraft Fundraiser

Interested in beautifying your home this holiday season while also supporting talented Haitian artists? You are invited to virtually shop several unique, handmade Haitian holiday handcraft collections that offer a glimpse into the beauty of Haiti, will enliven your home, and serve as the perfect gifts for friends and family. These items are made in a variety of mediums including wood, goat horn, and paper mâché, with artistic techniques that have been passed down through generations. All proceeds are to benefit our sustainable development projects in northwest Haiti. All purchases are 50% tax-deductible, and all donations are 100% tax-deductible. Peruse our collections and place your orders online here: https://thehaitiproject.org/handcraft-holiday-collections-2020

Learn more about our work in Haiti at thehaitiproject.org. Contact us as thehaitiproject@gmail.com, and 845-797-2123. Make a donation at https://thehaitiproject.org/donatenow

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