Continuing Saga that Seems Like it Will Never End

Although slavery was legally abolished in the eighteen-hundreds, racism still continues. The wounds of racism still remains today in the souls of many Blacks propelling a growing percentage of young black men toward violence. These young men neither understand their actions nor can they find a way out from the shroud of death which broods over our neighborhoods.

The fact is, much of the violence in our cities today is the bitter fruit of a tree the white race cultivated in the soil of racism and slavery. In America today one in four black males over twenty-one is in some form of incarceration. And the highest cause of death among black men under twenty-five is homicide. It is only by the grace of God, who became the strength of the black man early in his struggle, that the remaining majority found creative and productive ways to apply their lives.

The indignation in the soul of the black man can be traced to the unresolved conflict between their wounds and the ancestral sins of the whites who caused them. After studying what was done to the Blacks, it is amazing that anyone should be puzzled by the deterioration of society in the black community. They were humiliated, separated from their homeland and families treated as property, often subjected to great cruelty and violence, and still we ponder: How did the black districts come to such decline? It came through the hands of the white race. Racism releases the spirit of death from one culture onto another. In the face of this satanic world ruler, God is opening the floodgates of His River of Life; He shall bring healing to the nations.

Throughout the years this country has displayed inhumanity towards people of color. WHY?
What has been the underlying reason for this to have been and continues to be so? How was it and continues to be possible for such hatred to exist in the heart of this country?

What has caused this to be so? How is it possible for such hatred to be in the hearts of a people that so many are professing to be “Christians” when the “sweet little Jesus boy” of the Negro spiritual was, in fact, quite black. How did the “sweet little Jesus boy,” born of Afro-Asiatic parents, become whiter and whiter over the years? The answer is neither complicated nor profound. It lies in a simple matter called paint. Medieval and Renaissance artists, seeking to please those who were in power (and who paid them handsome sums), skillfully employed their oils and water colors in an effort to recon rive Christianity as a European religion. Before long, European Christian art, depicting biblical characters in images more favorable and familiar to persons of European descent, had become the norm.

There developed a brand new manger scene with a European-style infant Jesus for all the world (especially colonized peoples) to adore. Jesus’ mother and father were also re-imaged, and ancient, darker, and more clearly African icons were discarded or destroyed. These artistic representations still stand in many cathedrals of Europe, North and South America, and even in a $100 million, Vatican-inspired, air-conditioned basilica in Africa’s own Ivory Coast. As a result, many Christians today think of a black Jesus as an oddity or even a scandalous distortion of historical facts.

The information above is taken from “The Original African Heritage Study Bible!
Many of my readers may be wondering why I, Lillie Howard, am sharing the above information with my readers of my column. To this most important question let me say that it is not I, but the spirit of God, which is within me, which is leading me to do so. Think it not strange that all that we are seeing unfolding before our very eyes at this very moment in time is a warning that time is winding down.. God is trying to get our attention! He left us a commandment to “Love” not “Hate” one another. “Where is the love?” How can we say that we “love” one another when there is such “hatred” going on throughout the land and has been so since the creation.

Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up!

“I should love you and you should love me which would bring peace and love throughout our society!” Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up! If not, get ready for the downfall and destruction of this earth. Truthfully, I do believe that we are seeing the winding down of things and “soon” and very “soon” this “all” will be over. The son of man, which is Jesus Christ, will be returning to this earth, just like He said He would. Peace!

“All” city of Newburgh residents please make sure that you are wearing a mask when you are outside because it is now a “law” that you must do so!

NEWS BULLETIN: Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Washington D.C. on this past Saturday afternoon (11/28) became the first African American Cardinal in Catholic history. Gregory became one of 13 men and the only American elevated to the College of Cardinal. Gregory, 72, already the highest-ranking African-American Catholic in US history said that he hopes that this is a sign to the African American community that the Catholic Church has a great reverence, respect, and esteem for my people of color.”

This is “Lillie’s Point Of View” and I’m just having my say, now you can have yours.

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