Newburgh Symphony to Present an Online Talk

NEWBURGH – The Greater Newburgh Symphony Orchestra (GNSO) presents Music Director Russell Ger in an online “Talk Series” over four dates through December and January. Mr. Ger will deliver his characteristically energetic and engaging commentary on some of classical music’s most fascinating subjects. The interactive presentations are accompanied by myriad musical excerpts featuring the GNSO as well as other notable ensembles.

All presentations are scheduled from 7:00-8:00 pm on the following dates:
December 3 (Thursday): “1,000 Years of Music in 60 Minutes”
December 14 (Monday): “Leonard Bernstein: The Man Who Shaped Music In America”
January 7 (Thursday): “Mirror Images: Beethoven’s Fifth & Mahler’s Sixth”
January 25 (Monday): “Dancing with the Devil: Shostakovich & Stalin”

Commenting on the program selection, Mr. Ger said: “For this series I have chosen some of the musical subjects about which I am most passionate. Bernstein has long been an idol of mine; Beethoven and Mahler are two of my favorite composers; Shostakovich composing under Stalin is amongst the most gripping tales in music; and 1,000 Years in 60 Minutes is a really fun way to gain a broad angle view of the whole of Western music history. All in all, I would love to attend this series were I not presenting it!”

Tickets can be purchased on the GNSO website:

The Greater Newburgh Symphony Orchestra is one of the leading cultural institutions of the Hudson River Valley. It was founded in 1995 by Dr. Woomyung Choe and its first president, George Handler, who was followed as president after 10 years by the late Fred McCurdy. In addition to its regular concerts, the Orchestra performs special engagements, such as the Moxart and Boscobel engagements.

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