Celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas

We were so blessed to have that innocent and blessed baby Jesus to be sent down here on this earth to show us the “Way!” The “Way” to be able to exist down here on this earth together. The “Way” to be able to have “True” peace upon this earth. What happened? What went wrong? Man decided to “Love” himself instead of loving the true and living God.

Truthfully, man doesn’t “Really” love himself, for if he truly did he would not be mistreating himself in the way that he does. How can man truly love himself and be able to mistreat themselves in the way that they do? Does not man realize that when he mistreats another human being he is mistreating himself? Does not man realize that mankind was created to love and help one another, in fact we were “Commanded” to do so. The hypocritical ways in which mankind has and still are living down here on this earth is a direct slap in our Creator’s face.

Whether black or white, we are “All” precious in His sight. Why cannot mankind truly understand that? We cannot pick up a newspaper without finding an article on racism. Why? How is it possible for this to be so in a country which professes to be largely a Christian nation? Do we not realize that Jesus was sent down here on this earth to show us the way to be able to exist down here on this earth together? Do we not realize that He was crucified because He was trying to show mankind the way to be able to coexist together? How can we on one day of the year be able to celebrate His birth but for the other many days desecrate Him in mockery? The very fact of what we see going on throughout the world shows us that this little baby Jesus’ life was and still is not truly being appreciated. In fact, very many are in a make believe mindset, as it pertains to “Genuinely” loving the little baby Jesus for your icy actions towards your fellowman are revealing the true content within your hearts. How can you say that you truly love Him but do not truly love your fellowman, which He commanded us to do so?

Truthfully, let me say that the little baby Jesus has been the “Rock” on which we “Black” folks have been able to lean on. The Black church has historically been a rock for our people, from the earliest slavery times through our so-called freedom. Reconstruction, Jim Crow, civil rights, and straight up to today. It has often been the one place where we could find ourselves praised for who we were when everything around us said we were not even human, let alone precious. Under slavery, church was by law the only place we could gather in groups, and those precious Sunday mornings were the only times we could see one another outside of enforced work and could even come close to socializing. After slavery, the church became the center of the communities we built from scratch. While we were all now technically free, too many of us have lived and died in conditions not much better than the slavery we left behind. Church kept us believing in the possibility of being equal- if not in this world, then in the next-and in our being entitled to equality, whether we got it or not.

I thank my Heavenly Father for sending His Son Jesus Christ down here on this earth, showing us the way to one day be able to eternally be with Him. May you enjoy this Christmas and may it cause and enable us to be more caring and loving towards one another. How can we say that we “Love” Him but do not or cannot love one another? Please give some “Genuine” thoughts to this my fellow Americans. Have yourselves a very “Merry Christmas!” “Never” forget that “Unto Us A Child Was Born” and that child was sent down here on this earth to show us the way to be able to “Genuinely” love one another. What happened? What did mankind not understand? How is it that we can be so into and celebrate His birth, but not be as interested in doing what He has commanded us to do, and that was for us to genuinely “Love” one another. “Where Is The Love?” “Where Is The Love?” “Where Is The Love?”

How can there be so much hatred, racism, and murders in a country that professes to be “One nation under god with liberty and justice for all?” For what “All?” Who is considered to be one of the “All?” How can the “White” church be so silent re” Liberty And Justice” not being for “All!” One’s silence towards an injustice means one’s cooperation with it. How can we African Americans be able to truthfully make a pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America when there is “Truly” no “Liberty and justice” for us “Black” folks here in America, the country which was built upon our ancestor’s backs? Give some “Real” serious thoughts to “All” of this because one day we “All” are going to have to give an account to our Heavenly Father! Yes! Yes! Yes!

To “All” of you I wish you a “Merry Christmas” and may we “All” never forget that “Unto us a child was born and unto us that child Jesus Christ was sent” and one day, and I do believe that it will be sooner than most of us realize, He will be returning to this earth. What will He find when He returns? Give some real “Serious” thoughts to that question! Let me end this with the words of Greek philosopher Epictetus: “Do you think that death will somehow fail to catch us all, no matter what we are doing?…What do you want to be doing when it catches you? …If you have anything you believe is more important to have done or be doing when death comes, get to work on that.” “Let us ‘All’ get to work on ‘Loving’ one another!”

Also, “Happy Kwanzaa!”

This is “Lillie’s Point Of View” and I’m just having my say and now you can have yours. PEACE!