Newburgh Hotel Tax Bill Signed by Governor

Senator James Skoufis (D-Hudson Valley) and Assemblymember Jonathan Jacobson (D-Newburgh) announced that the Governor signed their bill, S7302A/A9155 to allow the Town of Newburgh to impose a hotel and motel tax.

This legislation enables the Town of Newburgh to impose a hotel and motel tax of up to five percent, raising much-needed revenue at a time when COVID-19 has put a significant strain on local government budgets. Hotel taxes, which are overwhelmingly borne by out-of-state visitors, will offset the burden that local taxpayers would otherwise bear. The Town of Newburgh hosts seven hotels and eight motels; over $1 million annually is expected from the new tax.

James Skoufis
James Skoufis

Senator Skoufis said, “This bill looks out for our local taxpayers at a time when so many are struggling and need relief. By raising revenue from out-of-towners and tourists who nonetheless still use our municipal services, we’re able to help offset the taxes paid by residents in the Town of Newburgh. I was happy to work with Assemblyman Jacobson on this legislation and thank the Governor for signing it into law. I look forward to continuing to fight for innovative ways to provide financial relief to our Senate District.”

Assemblymember Jacobson said, “I am tremendously grateful to Senator James Skoufis for partnering with me on this bill and to Governor Cuomo for signing it into law. As it has wreaked havoc in almost every area of our lives, COVID-19 has gutted municipal budgets. This legislation will allow the Town of Newburgh to generate much-needed revenue from area visitors rather than by squeezing already struggling residents.”

Newburgh Town Supervisor Gil Piacquadio said, “The Town of Newburgh Town Board has been seeking this hotel/motel tax for over 10 years and I thank Senator Skoufis, Assemblymember Jacobson, and Governor Cuomo for getting this done in such a timely manner. Any way to raise additional revenue without a burden on local taxpayers is more necessary now than it has ever been; this bill will help the town do just that and I’m thrilled this has been signed into law.”

This bill takes effect immediately.

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