The United State’s “White House” Is Under Siege

Yesterday as I sat watching my television screen I was completely in a state of shock for I could not believe what was unfolding before my very eyes. At first I thought that I was dreaming but then I realized that what I was seeing was a hard-core reality.

Now what I am hearing coming forth from my television as I’m writing my column on this morning is making me wonder if President Trump has suddenly developed “Serious” amnesia.. Wow! I cannot believe the words coming forth out of his mouth re: the tragedy that had just occurred on yesterday. He is speaking as if he was not the major reason for the tragedy to happen. Has he developed “Serious” amnesia? If so, we “All” should be very concerned about that. Wow!

What we saw happening on yesterday should not have us “All” in a state of shock for this country was birthed from a mentality such as this. I know that my forefather’s, whose hands built that “White House” building, are turning over in their graves. Why? For the very hatred that they were faced with back then is still going on towards and against their children now.

The “Majority” of those that invaded the “White” house on Wednesday are the children of the very ones that whipped and brutalized my forefathers. These present depraved actions were inherited from their forefathers! This depravity has been passed down from generation to generation. Lord have mercy!

What we are seeing unfolding before our very eyes should not be surprising to us “Black” folks for this depraved type of behavior by “Some” of them has “Always” been in existence since the “Birth” of this country. The real “Disturbing” part in “All” of this is that very many of them are professing to be “Christians!” Wow! How very sad is that? Can we not realize that we are seeing “Our” country being destroyed due to hatred? Truthfully, I find that to be quite amazing in a country that professes to be largely “Christian!” Evidently, many of them are “Make Believers” instead of being “Genuine Believers!” How can they say that they “Love” God but hate so many of God’s creation? How? How? How?

Truthfully, this country is heading towards “Self-destruction” and “Racism” is the real driving force behind it. What we see unfolding before our very eyes is “Very” disturbing. Can you imagine what would have been the end result of Wednesday if those that stormed into the “White House” were those from the “Black Lives Matter” movement or any other “Black” group of people? It would have been a “Blood” bath. They would have been shown just how much that “Black Lives” do not “Really” matter. What is it going to “Really” take to bring about a “Real” significant change in this country as it pertains to “Race” relations as it pertains to us “Black” folks? How long is this “Madness” going to continue to go on? How long? How long? How long?

Truthfully, I do not believe that it will ever change. “Racism” is going to cause the demise of this country.

Truthfully, how can “Racism” be so prevalent in a country that so largely professes to be inhabited by so many that profess to be Christian? Christians are “Commanded”, not “Requested”, to “Love” one another. Where is the “Love?” How is it possible for so many Christians to be supportive of a President that has displayed so much hatred? How? How? How? Taking into consideration “All” that we are seeing going on all around us, those that are professing to be “Believers” had better “Wake” up and realize that the son of man, Jesus Christ’s return is closer than most realize. All of the things that we see happening in the world today are most definitely a warning that our Lord is most definitely on His way. Soon and most definitely “Very” soon we are going to see Him coming back on the clouds. We better “All” look up and know that He’s coming soon for the signs are falling all around us. “Soon and very Soon we are going to see our King!” We had better fasten our seat belts for we haven’t seen nothing yet, compared to what we are going to see continuously going on throughout the world. This whole world is going to be “Sieged” by the one who first created it. He’s coming to take it back, destroy it and create a “New” earth. Even so, come Lord Jesus!”

This is “Lillie’s Point Of View”, and I’m just having my say, now you can have yours! PEACE!

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