Valley View Receives First COVID-19 Shots

GOSHEN – The first day of COVID-19 vaccinations at the Orange County-owned Valley View nursing home in Goshen was emotional for staff, who were among the 188 people to be inoculated on Monday. The second dose will be administered on January 18.

A total of 132 residents and 56 staff members received their first shots, but as many as 150 doses were ruined because CVS Pharmacy, which is tasked with handling the vaccine, had problems with temperature controls, said nursing home director Laurence Ladue.

“They handle the shipping; they do all the handling and they sent a team here to administer the vaccine. Unfortunately, when they showed up (Monday) they did inform us that some of the vaccine that was designated for Valley View was lost due to temperature control back in their storage facility, so they didn’t bring as many doses as they had hoped to,” he said.

The vaccine must be stored in extremely cold temperatures before they are prepared for inoculations.