Poughkeepsie Fights Against Gun Violence

POUGHKEEPSIE – City officials announced recently that additional funding will be allocated from the City’s CDBG program to provide grants to local non-profits whose mission involves the fight against gun violence and the removal of guns from the streets of Poughkeepsie.

“It is imperative that we do all we can to fight back against the gun violence epidemic, and that is why I have worked with the administration to create this grant program to directly fund local organizations doing the work on the ground,” said Councilman Evan Menist of the city’s 2nd Ward. “We are going to start this as a pilot grant program immediately, with plans to expand it into a longer-term commitment in a results-oriented policy of strategic investment in our community. I am thankful for the collaborative partnership with the administration that is making this program possible.”

City officials recognize that local non-profit organizations have a pivotal role in reducing gun violence through various prevention and intervention programs, and this new funding source will help those efforts.

Mayor Rob Rolison said, “There is a proven and significant impact when local governments fund local programs in ways that put vital funding into preventing gun violence.”

Applications for funding under the PILOT grant program will be available on the City’s website beginning April 1.

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