The U.S. Is Controlled By its Police Departments

Taking in consideration the way that things have been throughout the years in this country, it becomes quite clear who are the “Real” bosses. Who? The “ Police!” Truthfully, throughout this country it has “Always” been this way. Is this due to “fear” or is it due to “respect” which enables them to be so supported in practically whatever they say or do?

Taking into consideration the behavior which we have seen displayed by many policemen throughout this country it makes one realize that they are the “Real” Boss! Very seldom are they ever held accountable for their wrongful acts that they commit against many citizens, especially people of color. If so, the city governments are usually the ones that pays for the many wrongful acts that are committed by many policemen. That’s “Very” disheartening.

The birth and development of the American police can be traced to a multitude of historical, legal and political economic conditions. Throughout the years, police harassment simply meant people of African descent were more likely to be stopped and questioned by the police, while at the other extreme, they have suffered beatings, and even murder, at the hands of white police. Questions still arise today about the disproportionately high numbers of African Americans that are killed, beaten, and arrested by police in major urban cities of America, including the city of Newburgh, N.Y.

This George Floyd “Murder” trial is causing a lot of pain going on inside the hearts of many people throughout the world. Truthfully, maybe his life, and so many other lives that have been snatched away by police brutality throughout this country, might have been saved if this lifelong “police brutality” issue had been very “Seriously” dealt with. Why hasn’t it “Ever” been “Seriously” addressed or dealt with? Is it due to “Fear” or is it due to “Respect”?

Hopefully, this trial will bring the necessary attention that is needed throughout this country re: our police departments. More attention needs to be given to this problem on a “National” level. Our President, Governors, Senators, Congressmen and “All” other elected officials need to start giving very “Serious” attention to this most enormous problem. If not, why not?

How many more lives are going to have to be brutally beaten or snatched away by the police before there is necessary attention given to this inhumane atrocity? What will it take to wake this country up? How long will it take for the “Religious” communities throughout this nation to make a “Loud” noise against this inhumanity? How long? How long? How long?

City of Newburgh’s City Council, when are you going to “Seriously” address this problem? How many more lives are going to be very brutally beaten and snatched away by our police before you do so?

Is it going to take this mistreatment to happen to one of yours before you get “Serious” about this most horrific problem? Truthfully, you are showing your concerns about this horrific problem by reactivating a “Police Community Relations Review Board” that has no real “Serious” power. Truthfully, that board is a “Joke” and how well do I know, because I was on that board for several years. We really were not able to accomplish any “Serious” change in the way that our police department treated our citizens, especially our citizens of color.

Hopefully, this United States of America, and most definitely our city of Newburgh, will wake up and “Seriously” start addressing this most “Serious” problem for if not this country, and most definitely including this city of Newburgh, will be heading towards “Self Destruction!”
Never forget that “Silence” is the deadliest weapon of “Mass Destruction.” Let me leave you with these words of South African Activist Stephen Biko: “The biggest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the minds of the oppressed!”

“Wake up! ”Wake up!” Wake up!” Wake up!” Wake up! “Wake up!” “Wake up!” Wake up!”
“Community News Bulletin”- The Newburgh Armory Unity Center is looking for someone to help 2nd-4th graders with math. Two hour classes (9-11AM) for five Saturday’s. Start immediately. The Unity Center is located at 321 South William Street in Newburgh. For questions and details, please contact Max at (845) 245-4035.

This is “Lillie”s Point Of View” and I’m just having my say, now you can have yours! PEACE!

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