Voting Reforms Are Included In State Budget

GOSHEN – The boards of elections in the counties of Orange, Ulster, and Dutchess will receive a combined total of just under $1 million from the state’s just-approved budget to cover expenses incurred as a result of voting reforms.

Orange County will receive over $413,000, Dutchess will get $338,000, and Ulster County will receive just under $216,000.

State Assemblyman Jonathan Jacobson (D, Newburgh) and Democratic Party elections commissioners from the three counties were in Goshen on Thursday to discuss the funding.
Ulster Commissioner Ashley Dittus said the money will go a long way to cover the expenses of voter reforms.

“We see what is happening in other parts of our country, Georgia, but in New York State we are moving away from disenfranchisement and towards allowing our electorate to have more ease of voting access with early voting, automatic voter registration, and hopefully with no-fault absentee voting. That is going to change everything we do fundamentally, but those reforms to cost money,” she said.

Orange County Commissioner Louise Vandermark said the state funds will not cover the total expenses of the reforms but will be a big help.

Jacobson said the budget includes a total of $27 million to help pay for related state and local expenses.

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