Vassar College Announced Plans For Fall

POUGHKEEPSIE – President Elizabeth H. Bradley announced yesterday that Vassar will return to fully in-person learning and resume most pre-pandemic policies and protocols for the Fall 2021 Semester. Additionally, she announced that the College will require all students to be vaccinated.

Classes will begin Monday, August 30 and the semester will end Friday, December 17, with all traditional pre-pandemic breaks returning as normal. “With vaccinations ramping up across the state and nationwide, we are hopeful that life on campus this fall will be more in line with life prior to the pandemic,” President Bradley said in a campus wide message. “Given this, our plan is to return everyone to in-person, on-campus learning.”

The College is also developing guidelines for the return to campus for many employees who are currently working from home. Department supervisors are expected to have plans in place for most employees by June. In the meantime, all employees are urged to become immunized from COVID-19 as quickly as possible.

“Protocols for the fall will be dictated by local and state guidelines; the use of masks, social distancing and other expectations that have become commonplace during the pandemic will be determined as we near the start of the semester,” Bradley added. “As always, our planning is based on science-driven data and predicated upon local, state and federal public health guidelines.”

President Bradley’s full communication about plans for the Fall Semester can be read online at Vassar’s website.

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