Donat is Out and Venning is in as City Manager

The other day when I saw the news I was very “Shocked!” Why? Because an incident, which occurred almost three months ago, showing Mayor Harvey in a car shaking hands with a young man, wasn’t considered to be newsworthy then. Why now is it considered to be so??? Evidently, several months ago, when he was shaking that young man’s hand, it wasn’t necessary to be displayed because at that time political “Power” was still in the hands of those who have “Always” had it. But, several weeks ago, when the city council voted to make Todd Venning, whom just happened to be the city’s Comptroller, the “New” City Manager, “ALL” hell broke loose in the minds of some. Why? Why? Why?

What better person to have been chosen? This is the man that was handling the finances of our city, therefore what better person should have been chosen? I find it to be quite interesting that the five “minority” council people voted for Todd but the two other council members did not participate. WOW! Anyway, being that in October the city received a fiscal stress score of zero, the lowest and best possible score during the fiscal year ending in 2019, why not move Mr. Venning up to be our city manager? Why not? Also, being that he is a licensed attorney, that even makes it more understanding why he was the right choice, even though some may not be in agreement with my analysis. He graduated from “Brooklyn Law School” with a Masters of Science in Business Administration. He worked as the Senior Management Analyst for the Department of Watershed Management in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Venning also worked for the New York City Office of Management and Budget (OMB) where he handled budgets much larger than our budgets here in our city. Truthfully, I do believe that we have put our city in the most reliable and dependable hands than they have ever been.

Truthfully, I do also believe that this is the “Major” reason why the video of Mayor Harvey was released to the media. Many do not like the idea of Mr. Venning being appointed as the “First” African American city manager that the city of Newburgh has ever had. In fact, many are concerned that there are five minorities on our city council. Why should that not be in a city whose residents are more than 50% minority? Why not? Why not? Why not? It’s time! It’s time! It’s most definitely the right time. If not now, when? Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up! This is a “New” day for the city of Newburgh and I, as a ‘Native” born and raised here, am so happy to be able to see this happening before I close my eyes for the last time.

Evidently, “Some” are not so very pleased and I do believe in my heart that their displeasure with Mr. Venning’s appointment is causing some to try to wreak as much havoc as they can upon our city council members that made Mr. Venning our city manager. The first disagreement episode has already occurred, therefore we better fasten our seat belts for the next episode. Truthfully, I feel that the NAACP, Ministerial Association and our community should “Rise” up showing their support for our city council members that were “Brave” enough to make this most significant and important move! The time has come for “US” as a people, to lock our hands together showing that we are “United” and we will no longer tolerate this “Madness” which has been going on throughout this whole country any longer. We must “Never” forget that “United” we will Stand” but “Divided” we will most absolutely fall. Mayor Harvey needs our support, therefore “We” must “Rise” up and bring it. Please do not forget to “Vote” in the upcoming election!

Also, let us “Never” forget that “We” have come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord, trusting in His holy word. Believing that “No Weapon That Is Formed Against Us Will Prosper!” He didn’t say that it wouldn’t be formed, but it would not accomplish that which it was intended to do. NAACP, Ministers, it’s time for “YOU” to “”Rise” up and let your voices be heard. If not, why not? Give some “Real” serious thoughts to that question. Never forget that “Racism” is a form of psychological warfare. We are in a war and “WE” must “Never” forget that. James Earl Jones once said “If you live in an oppressive society, you’ve got to be very resilient. You can’t let each little thing crush you. You have to take every encounter and make yourself larger, rather than allow yourself to be diminished by it.

Let me end this with an excerpt taken from Michael Eric Dyson’s “Tears We Cannot Stop” (A Sermon To White America) “Oh God, the hour is dark. The suffering is great. But we will not give up. We will not surrender. We will not surrender because we have endured the lash of spite and the whip of hate lashed upon our backs! “WE will “Never” forget “Tulsa, Oklahoma” And The “Destruction” Of “Black Wall Street!” Never! Never! Never! “Lord Have Mercy!” Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

“Praise God From Whence “All” Of Our Blessings Flow!”

Do Not Forget To Support The Upcoming “Juneteenth” Celebration Being Held Down On Waterfront! Peace!

This is “Lillie’s Point of View” and I’m just having my say, now you can have yours. PEACE!

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