Cuomo Resigns Following Attorney General Report

ALBANY – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has resigned following the Attorney General’s report that outlined 11 women’s claims of sexual misconduct.

New York State Senator James Skoufis (D) who called for the governor’s resignation back in March, said he had seen enough.

Last Tuesday Skoufis said, “Five months ago to the day, I was one of the first Democratic legislators to call for the Governor’s resignation. I’d seen enough. And for his part, the Governor pleaded for us all to ‘wait for the facts’ and allow for due process. He pleaded with New Yorkers to allow for the Attorney General’s work to conclude before forming an opinion. To respect the facts.

“Well, many New Yorkers waited. Due process is now over. This report is damning.

“The independent team hired by the Attorney General has reviewed over 74,000 documents, texts, photos, and pieces of evidence, and interviewed 179 individuals throughout the course of their investigation. The Governor was afforded far more due process than other elected officials facing sexual harassment allegations previously received. And the Governor’s gobsmacking attempt to deflect, explain away, and position himself as the victim of misinformation is beyond unacceptable.” Skoufis had said that if the governor refused to resign, the Legislature, initiated by the Assembly, ought to begin the process to remove him.

Following the resignation announcement today by Governor Cuomo, Skoufis called it “a necessary first step on New York’s long road to healing. While I wish the decision had been made much, much sooner, I welcome this opportunity to turn the page on Cuomo’s documented patterns of abuse, harassment, and bullying, and I applaud the brave women who came forward to demand change. “

Kathy Hochul will now assume the roll of governor.

“It’s past due time that Andrew Cuomo resigned from office after 11 years of bullying, thuggery, and now, predatory sexual behavior,” said New York State Assemblyman Mike Lawler. “His conduct was completely and totally unbecoming of the office of Governor.”
“Many may find relief in Andrew Cuomo’s resignation,” said Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro. “We would all do well to remember that his downfall came at a tremendous cost. His failings hurt New Yorkers, devastated families and victimized women. The damage he caused will not be soon repaired… but repair we must.”
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