12 Dutchess and Ulster Candidates Endorsed

HUDSON VALLEY – For the Many issued the following statement regarding their endorsement of 12 Dutchess and Ulster County Legislative candidates for the 2021 general election:

“County legislators have a lot of say over how our taxes get spent to benefit us. We’re tired of them taking us backward. That’s why we’re endorsing 12 candidates for the 2021 general election — all in Dutchess and Ulster County Legislative races.”

Our endorsements include:
Dutchess County Legislature
Dan Degan — District 2
Brendan Lawler — District 4
Pam Kingsley — District 5
John Bohuniek — District 15
Yvette Valdés Smith — District 16
Claire Owens — District 19

Ulster County Legislature
Aaron Levine — District 1
Phil Erner — District 6
Peter Criswell — District 7
Marisa McClinton — District 12
Chris Hewitt — District 21
Kathy Nolan — District 22

“Earlier this year, the federal government passed the American Rescue Plan, a stimulus package meant to help families suffering from the economic crisis stemming from COVID-19. County legislators misused the funds, $12.5 million dollars on luxury boxes and other upgrades in a minor-league baseball stadium instead of helping our communities through the pandemic.”

“Their lack of leadership extends far beyond misusing funds. In June, They blocked the recognition of Juneteenth — a day commemorating the emancipation of African-American slaves and celebrating African-American culture — as an official holiday.”

“Our county legislators clearly aren’t working for us, so we’re endorsing candidates who will. Every candidate on this list will prioritize everyday families by fighting to lower everyday people’s mortgages, rent, and property taxes; invest in infrastructure to keep our water clean and safe; ensure all our families and businesses have broadband; and fight a growing opioid crisis with mental health services.”

“We can make our counties work for the many – not greedy corporations, billionaires, and political elites.”

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