PARIS® Test Identified Terminal Cancer Therapy

SEATTLE,WA – SEngine Precision Medicine announces dramatic results for a 52-year-old patient with terminal ovarian cancer who received the PARIS® Test in early summer 2020. An interim case summary was included in SEngine’s poster presentation at the AACR 2021 annual meeting.

The patient’s oncologist, Heidi Gray, MD, who specializes in ovarian cancer at the University of Washington, ordered the PARIS® Test. The Test pre-screens a broad panel of cancer drugs on live patient-derived tumor cells with a battery of oncology drugs selected from a menu of targeted and less-toxic medications. The results are analyzed using AI-driven computational tools culminating in a clinically actionable drug sensitivity report.

“This patient’s cancer was not responding to conventional chemotherapy treatments, and I was running out of options. Therefore, we were hopeful the test would have the potential to find an effective therapy,” said Dr. Gray.

The PARIS® Test performed 42 highly miniaturized robotics-executed drug assays in parallel on this patient’s live cancer cells and a report ranking drug sensitivities was delivered to Dr. Gray. The PARIS® report informed the oncologist as to which drugs demonstrated activity, as well as those that did not. The results indicated that a targeted drug, FDA approved for mantle cell lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia, was the most effective among all drugs tested to kill this patient’s cancer. Much like finding a match for an organ transplant, the PARIS® Test found a drug match for this patient.

Within a month of treatment with the PARIS®-guided therapy, the cancer marker CA125 decreased by half, and after 6 months the patient was well and traveling for vacation.

During a recent monthly tumor board, Dr. Gray commented, “It is a miracle of modern science. The patient has gone from being hospitalized on IVs last winter to now being able to eat and feeling well enough to travel to New Orleans. Her tumor marker CA125 has decreased to below 20 Units/mL, indicating cancer remission, and her scans show partial response.” The patient continues to be well to date.

“This case illustrates the power of pre-testing cancer drugs to help patients and oncologists identify a personalized therapeutic path,” commented Carla Grandori, MD, Ph.D., co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of SEngine Precision Medicine. “While this case stands out, SEngine has also presented a large cohort of patients with advanced cancers who received the PARIS® Test at the ASCO annual meeting this year. The results indicate the value of the PARIS® Test for physicians to advance personalized oncology in the clinic.”

About PARIS® Test
The PARIS® Test is a next generation diagnostic test that predicts drug responses by pre-screening a broad panel of cancer drugs in patient-derived live tumor cells using robotics and AI-driven computational tools. SEngine’s CLIA certified PARIS® Test generates actionable drug sensitivity reports for patients and is applicable to all solid tumors including colon, breast, lung, ovarian and pancreatic cancer. Cancer derived cells grown in 3D outside the body maintain the functionality of the original tumor as well as its genomic characteristics. For cancers where a treatment path is not clear, such as many metastatic and recurrent cancers, the PARIS® Test provides crucial information to treating physicians to match the right drug to the right patient.

About SEngine Precision Medicine
SEngine Precision Medicine Inc. is a precision oncology company revolutionizing cancer therapies by pre-testing drugs on patient-derived 3D cultures utilizing patient specific tumor cells. As a spin-out from the world-renowned Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, SEngine is leveraging over two decades of R&D in diagnostics and drug discovery.

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