Support John Giudice for County Legislator

Dear Editor,

I support John Giudice for Orange County Legislator in the Sixth District. Why? Because John Giudice is an honest, hard working Newburgh native who has demonstrated very good public service when he was a Newburgh City Councilman. I When you vote for John Giudice you are voting for a person with a successful record of accomplishment in the public sector.

His past work in Newburgh is notable in many ways. As a city councilman he helped balance the books, he presided over vast improvements at Delano-Hitch Park providing many. recreational opportunities for the young people of Newburgh. He paved city streets and rebuilt city sidewalks. He was directly responsible for the eventual development of Newburgh”s long dormant waterfront.

A vote for John Giudice is a vote for experience, a vote for honesty and a vote for accomplishment. John Giudice doesn’t have to tell us what he might do when elected. His record of experience tells us everything we need to know about future performance.

Harry Porr

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