Vazquez Receives College Scholarship

NEWBURGH – On September 27, Juliana and Anthony LoBiondo presented a Scholarship Check for $600.00 to Orange County Community College freshman Elizabeth Vazquez.

Elizabeth was one of dozens of students at NFA who applied for the Marie and Mariano Muyot Memorial Scholarship. The Guidance Department at NFA administers the scholarship and chooses the recipient, said Juliana Muyot LoBiondo, an attorney in Newburgh and daughter of the late Mariano and Marie Muyot.

The Mariano And Marie Muyot Scholarship is awarded to an NFA student each year, who will be attending community college the following fall. Mariano Muyot had been attending college in the Philippines when he answered the call to join the U.S. Navy at Subic Bay in Manila. He went on to serve in the Navy for seven years, ship side, said LoBiondo. He was still in the Navy when he married his wife, Mary McCaffrey and when his two children were born. He became a US citizen by serving in Vietnam, specifically the Gulf of Tonkin. He moved to the United States and began working for IBM.

“To finish up his college degree, he attended Dutchess County Community College and finally got his associates degree in 1971,” said Juliana MuyotLoBiondo. “He went on to live a happy successful and productive life and he was able to do that because of Dutchess County community college. That is why the scholarship is awarded to a student who will be attending community college.”

“In addition, my mother was a former Spanish teacher and very involved with ESL and the Hispanic community. We ask that NFA give special consideration to students with a Hispanic background. It’s especially fitting that we are able to make this award during Hispanic heritage month.”

“We are proud of Elizabeth and wish her all the best,” said Anthony LoBiondo. “She was an outstanding student at NFA and is currently studying to become a dental hygienist at Orange County Community College.”

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