DEC Has Denied Danskammer Application

NEWBURGH – Following the October 27, 2021 announcement by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Denying Danskammer Title V Permit, Orange County Legislator Kevindaryán Luján issued the following statement:

“I applaud the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation on their decision to deny the Title V Permit application for the proposed Danskammer project. As I stated in my April testimony opposing the Danksammer project ‘If the Danskammer power plant expansion is approved, our community members will have to live with the negative impacts of this plant for generations to come. That is not a legacy we can afford to pass on to future generations that are already struggling with some of the most challenging issues of our nation’s history. We need forward thinking bold ideas that will not only create jobs for the future, but that also recognizes the importance of preserving our environment.

“For years community members from across the Hudson Valley have rallied against the Danskammer project for its inconsistency with our NY State goals to help address climate change. Through testimonies, letters, and marches, thousands of community residents have made it clear that they are not willing to compromise their environment for corporate gains and dirty energy in their backyard. This is a significant victory for our working-class people and for communities of color that would have been significantly impacted by this project.”

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