Number’s Don’t Lie But They Can Be Manipulated

How is it possible that a city that has almost over 10,000 “Registered” voters, less than 1,400 came out and voted? What’s up with that? Wow! As it pertains to us “Black” folks, it is “absolutely” pitiful that not that many participated in the political process that so many of our forefather’s died to have the right to do so. What’s up with that? I know that “our” forefather’s are turning over in their graves re: this most dismal situation. What’s “really” going on and why is it “really” going on? Evidently, “our” leaders are not “seriously” concerned about what’s going on re: “US” in this city. Why not? Why are they so lax when it comes to “truly” and “sincerely” speaking out re: issues that are directly affecting “our” very lives? What’s up with that?

“Proposition Six” was something that we “all” should have been concerned about for it has given the City Council the “power” to “remove” a city council person from office due to what they feel is not appropriate behavior. “Wow!” Only 1,292 people voted for that. Wow! 979 voted yes and 313 voted no for that specific proposition.

Like, the question which the late Marvin Gaye asked, I am now asking “What’s Going On?” “What’s Happening?” How could there have been such disinterest in such an “Important” issue? Why and how could that have been possible? There is no “serious” leadership within “our” community for if there were the polls would have been overflowing with people to vote against such a specific and important issue. “Proposition Six” is taking the power from the people and putting that power in the hands of seven council people. Wow! What’s happening?

I know that our forefathers are turning over in their graves right about now. To take the right away from us to be able to have a voice that we vote to represent us on the city council is earth shattering. “How low can they and will they go? This is an “Earth Shattering” situation which was able to happen due to the lack of respect that this council has for the citizens of this city, especially the low income and people of color residents. The real earth shattering part about “all” of this is that this city council consists of three African Americans and two Latinos which makes it a “Majority” minority council. Wow! Like Miles Davis said with his horn “So What!” Truthfully, it’s not “really” about the color of one’s skin but about the content that’s within one’s heart that “really” matters. Wow! I believe that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is turning over in his grave due to what is happening right here in the city of Newburgh. To have a “Majority” minority city council to even consider putting into existence something as “inconsiderate” as “Proposition Six” sends a very “loud” and “clear” message to the “minority” residents of this city. What is that? “We don’t give a damn about you except to use your votes to get where we want to get!” Wow! To that I ask “How demeaning can they be?”

How could those that are “supposedly” the ones that are supposed to be looking out for the “Minorities” in this city be a part of this “madness?” How? How? How? On 10/23 I had a conversation with the president of one of the “major” organizations in the “minority” community and when he said that he was supporting “Proposition 6” that literally blew my mind. Wow! “How low can one go and why are they going there?”

Let me share something with you from the book “The New Jim Crow” which to me describes very clearly what’s happening re: some of our so-called leaders in the city of Newburgh: “When meaningful change fails to materialize following the achievement of superficial diversity, those who remain locked out can become extremely discouraged and demoralized, resulting in cynicism and resignation. Perhaps more concerning, though, is the fact that inclusion of people of color in power structures, particularly at the top, can paralyze reform efforts. People of color are often reluctant to “challenge” institutions led by people who look like them, as they feel a personal stake in the individual’s success.” Truthfully, I do believe that this is the “major” reason why hardly any of “our” people voted against “Proposition 6” due to the fact that it was put forth by a city council whose mayor is a person of color. Wow! “Lord Have Mercy!”

Truthfully, I am growing very weary and tired due to what I see and have been seeing going on throughout the city where I was born, raised and continually have lived in except for the three years that I was in show business. (1957-1959). The city of Newburgh has “always” had a large proportion of “racism” within its walls, but that’s not surprising, being that this is the way that things have been throughout this country as it pertains to us “black” folks.

Anyway, the years have flown by but “racism” is still going on throughout the land. Will it ever change? Truthfully, I do not feel that it will ever “seriously” change.

This is “Lillie’s Point Of View” and I’m just having my say. Now you can have yours! PEACE!

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