Giving Day Volunteers Receive Special Thank You

By Jennifer L. Warren

NEWBURGH – Giving back and gratitude permeated throughout the Newburgh Unity Armory Center Friday.

After a busy morning and early afternoon of volunteering at the monthly Giving Day event, a smiling group of hard working volunteers could be seen taking a much deserved moment to relax and enjoy some Pizza Hut slices along with beverages. A reliable, regular crew of volunteers at the popular altruistic community function, hands out food and other essentials to clients as well as breaks down boxes, takes inventory and positively interacts with everyone around them. The lunch gratitude was not taken lightly, as many could be heard expressing words of gratitude to their nearby Pizza Hut donors.

Located on 75 North Plank Road in Newburgh, The Pizza Hut locale has also been making donations to other critical community organizations including; several food pantries, St. Luke’s, the police, paramedics and fire companies.

“It was a thank you for all we do for the community,” said a very appreciative Marietta Allen, who leads the Giving Day operation, which occurs the third Friday of each month at the Armory from approximately 9am-12pm. “The Pizza Hut Regional Manager, Angel Rivera as well as the place on North Plank Road, are really making an effort to do something special for many worthy organization for Thanksgiving.”

Based on the happy looks and wide smiles on the volunteers’ faces in the Armory Friday, they most definitely achieved that end.

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