There’s Still Much Work to be Done in Our Society

Recently, I had made a decision to take a break from writing my column, but the other night as I sat watching “The People’s Choice” award show honoring Marvin Gaye’s album “What’s Going On”, I realized that I cannot stop.The artist “HER” gave a beautiful heartfelt rendition of Marvin’s million seller “What’s Going On”, but the real sadness about this is that what Marvin stated in that song fifty years ago is still going on. Lord have mercy! Wars, drugs, poverty, violence, police brutality is still going on in this great country. WOW! People are still protesting about these ills going on throughout the land, but it still remains the same. Why? I find it to be quite sad that in a country that has so many churches that such evils could still be in its existence. What’s “Really” going on? Why has the “White” church been so silent re: “Racism” in this country? Why?

Truthfully, to my knowledge, I have not heard a “Real Loud and Clear” voice coming forth from the “White” churches throughout this country re: police brutality, poverty and racism that is going on throughout this country. Usually one’s silence re: something means that they are in agreement with whatever is going on. Wow! In the bible the Lord commanded His people to love one another. Where is the love? Where is it? What’s “Really” going on and why is it still going on? Is it fear that has caused the church to be so silent re: this evil.

Where is the very “Cry Loud & Spare Not” attitude that should be going on throughout this country re: man’s inhumanity towards its Fellowman? Where is it? How can there be such silence re: all of the inhumanity that is going on throughout the land?

Music had a way of touching the hearts of the people. Where is that music that we used to hear that was “Seriously” touching the hearts of the people? Songs such as “Living Just Enough For The City” by Stevie Wonder, “Mercy Mercy Me” by Marvin, and so many other songs that caused people’s hearts to beat stronger re: man’s inhumanity towards their fellowman. Where is it???

Truthfully, we should be “Very” concerned about the music that our children are listening to because music has a way of touching the very spirit of an individual. We wonder why some of our youth are acting and behaving so violently? Give a listen to some of the music that they are listening to and also some of the music videos that they are watching. Their young minds are very vulnerable to some of the music that they are listening to and the music videos that they are watching. Their impressionable young minds are deeply affected by what they see and hear. Lord have mercy!

Unquestionably, black music plays an unquestionable aspect in most of our lives, especially our children’s lives and it has a prominent place in our culture. Historically, music had played a dominant part in BLACK folks culture. In our homes, in our churches, and almost everywhere our music had had a very strong affect upon us “BLACK” folks lives. Music helped us to get through the madness of our reality. It helped to ease the pain of the madness that we as “BLACK” folks were and still are being faced with throughout this country. In a way, music allows us to momentarily escape the horrid madness that we as “BLACK” folks have had to endure since our forefathers feet touched the earth of this country. Music was one of the major factors that helped us to keep our sanity for it enabled us to escape the pain of our reality, if only for a little while. Yes! Yes! Yes! That is why gospel music is so popular, especially with us “BLACK” folks, because it has helped us to endure the madness which we have continously had to endure since living in this country.
Let us keep trusting in God, for He is the one that has truly brought us through it all. We cannot give up now for He’s never going to give up on us. Last, but most definitely not least, thank you Marvin for reminding us of what’s truly and “Really” going on.

This is “Lillie’s Point of View” and I’m just having my say, now you can have yours!

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