Disappointment With Rep. Antonio Delgado

Dear Editor,

My disappointment with Rep. Antonio Delgado had been limited to his utter lack of interest in human rights. He has been a steady and well paid ally to apartheid Israel, raking in $31,723 from the Israel Lobby in 2021. Just how does that cash square with his talk about overcoming racism?

But his recent cosponsoring of the SALT Deductibility Act shows just what kind of a rich man’s Democrat we have voted in. In his own words he supports “bipartisan legislation that would eliminate the harmful cap on state and local tax deductions.” Harmful to whom? Why to the very richest of Americans who want even more tax breaks than they have now. According to the Brookings Institute, “Lifting the cap on the SALT deduction would massively favor the rich, with most of the benefit going to the top one percent.”

According to Rep Delgado, all he is doing is, “simplifying the tax code by closing loopholes that serve only the wealthiest Americans.” No, Rep. Delgado, you are pushing through a bill that would, again according to Brookings, “give almost three times as much, as a share of the cut, to the top one percent.”

How stupid does he think we are? His recent letter to constituents is full of praise for working families. But Rep. Delgado knows just who is paying his tab: Wall Street, the wealthiest Americans, and the Israel Lobby. Democrats like Delgado are simply worthless to the rest of us. Don’t we, the 99%, deserve someone better?

Fred Nagel
Rhinebeck, NY

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