How a Westchester County Teen Made a Difference

WESTCHESTER – Teen collects gift cards for Westchester County foster care children.
One Westchester County teen made it her mission to see other children smile this holiday season, and she deserves our utmost praise. Thirteen-year-old Sky Sams, a STEER Student Athlete from Port Chester, set a goal to collect as many $25 Visa Gift Cards as there are teenagers in Westchester County’s Foster Care System. After making a video and posting it on social media to enlist the help of her family, friends and peers, Sky was able to raise enough money to purchase 118 $25 dollar gift cards, enough for the 116 teenagers in Westchester County Foster Care.

Commissioner of the Westchester County Department of Social Services Leonard Townes said, “Sky’s compassion is an example to us all. Her willingness to sacrifice her time and consider others above herself is a true reflection of the spirit of the holidays and the meaning of Christmas. The heart she displayed is one we all need to imitate.”

To find out more about how to make donations to children in Westchester County’s Foster Care System, contact Barbara Sabater by calling (914­) 995­-1937.

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