Grace Sanchez Takes a Life-changing “Field Trip”

By Jennifer L. Warren

NEWBURGH – There was always two things Grace Sanchez absolutely adored when she came to visit the City of Newburgh: Seeing her son and his wife and shopping on Liberty Street’s Field Trip store.

Nestled among a host of other charming shops in Newburgh’s Historic District across from Washington’s Headquarters and containing breathtaking views of the Hudson River, the 113 Liberty Street spot with its large, inviting front window and homey interior appeal offered a priceless shopping experience to the Los Angeles- based Sanchez. She particularly reveled in absorbing the full sensory experience of the Hudson Naturals line of skincare and bath products, while purchasing her favorite body butter selections. For five years, the shopping ritual began to feel like a second home, and then everything changed last summer.

“My son told me that the owner, Chrissy Silvestri, was selling the shop, and I thought about how I really didn’t want it to go away,” reflected Sanchez, who has owned a fundraising consultancy for the past 18 years where she resides on the west coast. “So, I decided to take a ‘leap of faith,’ and purchase the business.”

Grace Sanchez took over ownership of the City of Newburgh’s 31 Liberty Street charming, homey shop, Field Trip, specializing in merchandise from Hudson Valley makers as well as now beyond in September of last year.
Grace Sanchez took over ownership of the City of Newburgh’s 113 Liberty Street charming, homey shop, Field Trip, specializing in merchandise from Hudson Valley makers as well as now beyond in September of last year.

It’s a decision that has brought nothing but sheer delight to Sanchez ever since she became the official new owner of Field Trip on September 1, 2021. Hiring two full-time and one part-time employee, Sanchez and her dedicated team have diligently devoted their efforts to maintaining the unique, homey flair of the store while adding some authentic, new variables. Still carrying its trademark signature of “a sampling of things (wool socks, mittens, candles, jams, sweat shirts and jewelry) from people in the Hudson Valley,” as well as popular Hudson Naturals Line whose magical ensemble of essential oils permeate the air, providing a sensory concert to shoppers, the store has extended its breadth to merchandise from makers all over New York as well as the nation.

Meanwhile, Sanchez, who still lives in LA, now also has a part-time residence around the corner from her shop on Grand Street to stay at during her monthly visits. It’s another change that coincides with her philosophy that accompanied the business venture leap.
“I really want to be a part of this community,” said Sanchez, a strong advocate for shopping local. “My motive to have this business is to partner with local charities and build meaningful relationships, so the whole area can prosper.”

Sanchez and her team have already initiated that bonding process. With the Newburgh Illuminated event coming up this summer, Sanchez wanted to do something to contribute to the well-attended celebration of the City she loves. As a result, Field Trip will soon be selling specially made candles whose proceeds will go directly to Newburgh Illuminated.

She also smiles with enthusiasm as she relates the multitude of possibilities that exist while connecting with her Liberty Street entrepreneur neighbors, joining forces to showcase all of the beauty and hope embedded, not only on the Street, but the entire City.

For now, Sanchez is making the very most of her dream purchase, continuing to transform its already one-of-a-kind appeal into something even more amazing.

“What really sets us apart is the quaint charm and warm, home like environment; it’s like walking into a home when you come here,” said Sanchez, who further cited the personalized customer service of the shop.

And then there is the sheer fun appeal. For Sanchez, a big part has been filling up that impressive front window space. Presently, a spring theme dominates, complete with an eye-catching lime colored bicycle, sporting a straw basket, laden with some catchy store merchandise, envelope the window. One can’t help but stop, admire and be pulled into a place that for Sanchez and many others represents so much more than just a store.

“I would like Field Trip to always have this same charming, beautiful and very welcoming home appeal,” reflecting further, while surveying the interior of her shop, she added, “And I really envision it, as well as myself, becoming vital parts of the community.”

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