Funds are Distributed for Youth-Related Activities

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POUGHKEEPSIE – City of Poughkeepsie Mayor Rob Rolison announced that $339,000 in funds have been allocated for youth-related programs, more than doubling the annual investment the city has been able to make in these endeavors over the years.

The city awarded $140,000 from its youth grant program and an additional $199,000 from its American Rescue Plan Act funds.

“We are extremely excited to be able to award these grants to so many deserving organizations,” said Mayor Rolison. “We look forward to seeing the benefits, as youth, families and organizations come together to enjoy so many productive, fun and healthy activities in our city.”

The mayor said 31 organizations received funding, with a maximum award set at $15,000. In conjunction with this process, the city held a training session for applicants to answer questions and to provide instruction on reporting requirements.

The organizations receiving financial assistance from the city’s Poughkeepsie Youth Grant Fund are:

* Basketball, High School Basketball Summer Tournament Program,$10,000

* Beekman Youth Futbol Booster Club, Soccer Club (for city youth participants), $10,000

* City of Poughkeepsie Football and Cheer, City of Poughkeepsie Youth Football and Cheer Program, $10,000

* City of Poughkeepsie Youth Football League, City of Poughkeepsie Flag Football Program, $11,900

* Hudson River Rowing Association, Rowing Association, $10,000

* Tight Ups Precision Drill Team, Military Style Marching Team, $9,000

* Cocoon Theatre, Afterschool program to assist increating floats for The Celebration of Lights Parade inCity of Poughkeepsie, $7,500

* LoveQuest Foundation, Art camp focused on digital music production and streaming services, $15,000

* Black and Latino Coalition, Mighty Young Tech Program (computer skills, coding, video game design, computer software knowledge), $7,500

* Mental Health America, Expansion and creation of “Ellen’s Place,” an outdoor classroom encouraging traditional indoor lessons in a natural setting, $10,000

* Beulah Baptist Church, Summer Program/Camp, $10,000

* Faith Apostolic Ministries, Summer Enrichment Program, $10,000

* Rebuilding Our Children and Community, Summer Camp, $7,500

* Community Matters 2, Etiquette & Spice Program, $11,600

* Organizations receiving financial assistance from the city’s American Rescue Plan Act funds are:

* Mid Hudson Aquatics, Swim and competitive swim program, $15,000

* Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Learn to Skate and Free Public Skate programs, $15,000

* Roy Community Foundation, Football Program, $7,500

* Bardavon, Fall & Spring Daytime Theater Performance Series, $5,000

* Celebrating the African Spirit, High School Summer Program and local history and creative design Teen Horizons Program, $15,000

* Crazy Over Art Tour, Summer Program learning to build a garden and create art inspired by nature, $14,600

* Fallkill Creative, Clay, Print & Textile Works Program, $12,400

* The Art Effect, Workforce Development Program in Arts & Media $15,000

* TransArt & Cultural Services, Jazz in the Valley Master Shadowing Program, $10,000

* Unitarian Universalists Fellowship, Performing Arts Program, Professional Play Production of “Ella The Ungovernable,” $7,500

* Yusuf House of the Hudson Valley, Summer Art Camp, $8,000

* Harriet Tubman Academic Skills Center, Afterschool program to facilitate academic success, community outreach mission of the Poughkeepsie United Methodist Church (secular), $8,800

* Hudson River Housing, Business planning and development program, product design and manufacture, branding and marketing, customer service and skills training, $10,200

* Poughkeepsie Farm Project, Farming and Gardening Internship Program providing skill based workforce training, $15,000

* Vassar Education Collaboration, High School student program Exploring College Summer Intensive and Afterschool tutoring program for Middle School students, $12,000

* Finish Strong Wellness Center, PK Reach 4 week Summer Camp, $13,000

  • Family Services, Teen Resource Activity Center (TRAC) Program, $15,000
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