New York’s All Star Gospel Celebration Was On Fire

By Journalist Ms. Jones

BROOKLYN– On Saturday, May 21, New York’s All Star Gospel Celebration was held at the Pilgrim Renaissance Convention Center. It featured Pastor Shirley Caesar, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, the Swanee Quintet, Rev. Matthew Mickens & Mickens Family, Darrel Petties and Take 2, Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson, Pastor David Wright & NY Fellowship Choir, and June and the Sionettes. Not only did June Rogers sing, she also produced the celebration along with her family, Rogers Productions. June started her group when she was nine years old.

“We went to Mount Sion Baptist Church on Pacific and Ralph… So, she got the name Sionettes from that church,” said Mary Rogers, June’s sister. “Rogers Productions, we started that in the 90s… She had an anniversary, and the groups came out to the anniversary and then it started from there.”

Carol Rogers is so supportive of her daughter. They haven’t put on this celebration since before the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Swanee Quintet sang at New York’s All Star Gospel Celebration.
The Swanee Quintet sang at New York’s All Star Gospel Celebration.

“When my daughter brought it to my attention that she wanted to have this concert, I said, ‘June, I don’t think this is the time.’ But she said the Lord laid it on her heart to do it and she’s going to do it. Once she started, I worked as hard as she. I really appreciate her strong will and determination to get the job done,” said Carol who is the promoter.

Pastor David Wright & NY Fellowship Choir had everyone on their feet as they praised God. Wright pastors two churches, one in Brooklyn and one in New Jersey, but still finds time to minister in music.

“[It feels] amazing [to be a part of this event]. I thank God for Carol Rogers and the whole Rogers family. They always try to include a choir in all of their All Star Gospel Celebrations,” said Pastor Wright, the son of the late Rev. Timothy Wright, who wants to continue his father’s legacy. “[We’re] excited to be nominated for two Stellar Awards this year. We’re nominated for Traditional Choir of the Year and Choir of the Year… [and] we have a new CD out called out ‘Miracles.’”

Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson also has new music. His new CD is called “Restructure, Renew, & Reunion.” He is from Brooklyn, and this isn’t his first time being a part of the celebration.
“I’m glad to be back home in Brooklyn, NY. This is my hometown. I’m blessed that I can come back,” said Johnson who got his name “Wonderboy” as a child. “I guess I’m gonna be the ‘Wonderboy’ ‘til I go.”

Radio Announcer Liz Black co-hosted New York’s All Star Gospel Celebration.
Radio Announcer Liz Black co-hosted New York’s All Star Gospel Celebration.

The celebration was co-hosted by Devon Womack, LaCrista Brown, and Radio Announcer Liz Black. Liz Black shared that she will no longer be on the air in New York at WLIB, but she is still doing big things.

“I started a radio station… It’s called Aspired Radio NYC. I haven’t launched it out yet because I’m still training everybody… It’s an Internet station. So, I’m filling 24 hours, seven days,” said Black who is still an announcer on WBLS. “I [also] started a TV network March 1, 2021…Inspired Living Network… I have Pastor A. R. Bernard, Bishop Jacqueline McCullough, Travis Greene, Deitrick Haddon. These are all shows that I have on my TV network along with cooking… I have a comedy show on there. Just a whole variety. We have kids programming on Saturday.”

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