Another Racist Incident in Newburgh

NEWBURGH — Monday, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18), Newburgh Mayor Torrance Harvey, and Mid-Hudson Westchester NAACP Regional Director Wilbur Aldridge released the following joint statement denouncing a disturbing, racist incident which occurred in Newburgh over the weekend:

“Racism has no place in our communities. This weekend, Pastor RD McLymore, a local pastor and law enforcement officer, released footage of a man harassing and threatening him. The footage is disturbing, as are reports that the man who harassed Pastor McLymore has repeatedly targeted other people of color in the area. We are working with local law enforcement to get more information about this and other incidents. We can and must do more to combat racism and support Black and Brown communities in the Hudson Valley.”

Congressman Maloney, Mayor Harvey, and the Mid-Hudson Westchester Regional NAACP have been in contact with law enforcement, who provided preliminary confirmation that the individual in the footage is not a New York State Trooper, despite his claim to be one in the video. Criminal charges should be immediately considered both for the alleged threatening conduct and for the individual’s attempt to impersonate a State Trooper.

Footage of the incident is available here – warning it contains racial slurs and expletives.

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