Jonathan Jacobson Bill Has Been Signed Into Law

NEW YORK – Legislation banning the sale of body armor – bulletproof vests – to individuals other than law enforcement and those whose jobs require them, has been signed into law by the governor.

The measure, part of a package of gun safety laws just adopted, was sponsored by Assemblyman Jonathan Jacobson (D, Newburgh).

“The problem with people having bulletproof vests is that it emboldens them, they feel invincible so that when they commit crimes they feel they can do what they want because it won’t make a difference,” he said. “And that’s what happened unfortunately in the Buffalo massacre when this 18-year-old kid with a semi-automatic rifle went to the supermarket and the security guard shot at him and it did no good and then this shooter shot guard back at the security guard and killed the security guard.”

Jacobson called this bill “pro-law enforcement.”

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