Ryan Raises $1M in Just Six Weeks for Campaign

KINGSTON – Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan announces that his campaign for Congress has raised over $1 million dollars in just six weeks. Driven by grassroots donations after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the fundraising hall by Ryan is equivalent to what Republican Marc Molinaro has raised in his first six months. Nearly 40% of donations occurred after the Supreme Court decision.

“Our campaign has been driven by thousands of supporters who are infuriated by this reckless Supreme Court decision and angered that my opponent, Marc Molinaro, is unwilling to take a stance on the issue,” County Executive Pat Ryan said. “This race is a referendum on Roe, we are hearing it at the doors, and seeing it in the polls, we will win the special election in August and we will win again in November. It’s clear that now more than ever, we need champions in Congress who’ll protect our freedoms and fight back against Washington extremism.”

A recently conducted poll of the district shows that the Roe issue is front and center on voters mind. The survey shows that when voters are introduced to Marc Molinaro on the issue, the race swings to County Executive Pat Ryan by nine points.

Additionally, Ryan has made a six figure media buy and is the first candidate in the race to go up on television. The ad, which started running today, features a montage of Ryan graduating from West Point and serving overseas, and then transitions into Ryan asking, “How can we be a free country if the government tries to control women’s bodies? That’s not the country I fought to defend.”

Pat Ryan is a fifth-generation Ulster County resident and a native of Kingston, NY. He graduated from West Point and served two combat tours in Iraq before returning home to start two businesses to deliver better technology to our troops overseas. Pat is the Democratic and Working Families Party candidate in the August 23rd special election to fill out the remainder of Lieutenant Governor Antonio Delgado’s term. Pat resides in Gardiner, NY, with his wife, Rebecca, and their two young sons, Theo and Cameron.

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