Jacobson Seeks Central Hudson PSC Probe

After more than six months helping constituents deal with their Central Hudson billing problems and demanding answers, Assemblymember Jonathan Jacobson is requesting that the Public Service Commission (PSC) open an investigation of Central Hudson’s billing practices.

On May 31, Jacobson wrote to Central Hudson and inquired whether the billing software problems, which they have blamed for their problems, have been resolved and if not, when will this happen. He also asked when will Central Hudson do away with estimated billing except under extreme circumstances.

Since then, Central Hudson has not responded to his letter so on July 5th, Jacobson wrote to the Public Service Commission requesting that it open an investigation into Central Hudson’s billing practices.

Since January, Jacobson has received hundreds of complaints from constituents about their higher-than-normal bills from Central Hudson and other billing problems. One constituent had a bill for over $700,000.

Some had not received a bill in more than four months. Others had been receiving estimated bills for longer than that. When customers called Central Hudson, many could not be helped because their name or account number could not be found in the system.

In March, Jacobson introduced legislation to limit estimated billing.

In April, Jacobson held an on-line public forum so constituents could voice their concerns directly to Central Hudson. Central Hudson claimed that its billing problems were due to new billing software. It also said that they wanted to eliminate estimated billing.

“Central Hudson’s customers, my neighbors, deserve answers to these basic questions,” said Jacobson. “It is hard enough to deal with rising prices, without having to deal with inaccurate or confusing billing. Enough is enough!”

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