Property Redemption Extension Saves Homes

MONTICELLO – Sullivan County Treasurer Nancy Buck noted that the County’s decision to extend the delinquent property redemption deadline from April 30 to June 30 this year allowed 35 homeowners to retain their properties, while also reaping $400,000 in tax revenue for the County.

“We made sure people knew about this opportunity through the NYS Homeowners Assistance Fund, and it proved a lifesaver for nearly three dozen of our property owners,” Buck remarked. “Plus, it didn’t just pay taxes – it paid mortgages, homeowners association dues, water/sewer charges, and more, so many more residents than just these 35 were helped.”

That said, this redemption opportunity has now passed for good.

“June 30 was the deadline,” Buck confirmed. “There will be no more extensions. Properties with taxes still delinquent from 2020, 2019 or earlier will now go to the tax auction next month.”

Next year’s redemption program will adhere to the usual pre-pandemic guidelines, including the standard January 30 deadline. Buck noted that taxpayers should not expect or count on an extension.

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