Yonkers Purchases Land to Create Large Parkland

YONKERS – Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano announced the City’s agreement to purchase eight parcels of land along the Hudson River in the Ludlow section of the city to be developed into a new waterfront park. The City of Yonkers and Westchester County will develop the property, to be purchased for $13 million, along with adjacent parcels to create 3.8 acres of dedicated parkland, making it the largest expansion of the Yonkers Parks system in decades.

“With the purchase of this land, southwest Yonkers will once again regain access to our most precious asset, the Hudson River,” said Mayor Spano. “Plans are being developed now to create a new park that will feature an additional boat launch, playground, open green space and more. Thanks to our partnership with Westchester County, we continue to return our waterfront to our residents and improve our quality of life.”

The City has included $10 million in its capital plan for purchase of the property and construction of the park. Westchester County also has pledged $10 million toward the purchase and development. In addition, the County anticipates contributing a parcel at the north end of the adjacent Wastewater Treatment Facility toward the park.

County Executive George Latimer said, “Yonkers residents deserve riverside park access the same way that all Westchester residents do – and this key initiative in conjunction with the City will expand that access. With this new announcement by the Mayor, I am looking forward to implementing our shared vision, and more importantly, seeing the enjoyment it will bring to the residents of Ludlow Park and beyond.”

“The waterfront property purchase is yet another positive step forward for Yonkers, now the third largest city. Once this property is developed, it will enhance the beautification of our great city. Our goal is to continue on the path of a better Yonkers,” stated Majority Leader, Yonkers City Councilmember, Tasha Diaz, District 3.

“I am thrilled to know this waterfront access in southwest Yonkers will become a reality,” stated Yonkers City Councilmember, Corazon Pineda-Isaac, District 2. “Not only will this waterfront park be a benefit for current Ludlow Park residents, but it will also attract others to the waterfront in southwest Yonkers and add open, green space in a much-needed area, especially for deserving area residents who have to contend with a County Wastewater Treatment Facility in their own neighborhood. This partnership between the City and Westchester County will be beneficial to our Yonkers Families, our community and to the City as a whole.”

The 2.95 acres of land purchased from owner Anthony Mauro currently serves as a private bus depot. Yonkers City Council approved the purchase at its stated City Council meeting on June 29, authorizing $140,000 for the initial down payment.

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