K-104 Brings 90’s Concert to the Hudson Valley

By Journalist Ms. Jones

WAPPINGER FALLS – “Hey, ho!” “The roof is on fire!” That’s what concertgoers were saying on Wednesday, August 17 at the “I Love the 90s Tour” at the Dutchess Stadium. The concert included Young MC, Tone Loc, Coolio, Rob Base, and Vanilla Ice. It was brought to the Hudson Valley by local radio station K-104.

“We have always been the radio station that brought the party and when we had the chance to bring the ‘I Love The 90s Tour’ to Dutchess Stadium, we thought, ‘Let’s do this,’” said Scotty Mac, Program Director of K-104.

They certainly did bring the party. It was the party of the summer! People were dancing on the field during and between acts. They brought back all the 90s dances: The Tootsee Roll, The Wop, The Running Man, The Cabbage Patch, The Butterfly, The Roger Rabbit, and The Diddy Bop. Tone Loc let us know there were people there from all age groups having a good time.

Tone Loc performed during the “I Love the 90s Tour” at the Dutchess Stadium. Photos: Digital Weddings
Tone Loc performed during the “I Love the 90s Tour” at the Dutchess Stadium. Photos: Digital Weddings

“So, how many people here were born in the 2000s? Alright. How many people were born in the 90s? Okay, how many people here, like myself, were born in the 60s? Thanks for staying up with us! How many people here were born in the 80s? How many people here were born in the 70s?”asked Tone Loc. The 70s babies definitely won the roll call as the crowd screamed in response.

Tone Loc performed his classic hits “Funky Cold Medina” and “Wild Thing.” He even had some audience members join him on stage. The LA rapper got a lot of love in NY. The crowd gave Compton rapper Coolio a lot of love as well who came out in Coolio fashion with braids sticking out through his cap like two ponytails and a gold lighted microphone. He did a tribute to the rappers that passed away as he performed his song “See You When You Get There.”

“This next song [is] to the memory of my brother from another mother. He goes by the name of DM[X]… Big Pun, the Old Dirty Bastard, Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest… Biz Markie… The Notorious B[IG], Tupac, Nipsey Hussle, and that little bitty boy from Compton who started all that gangerish. He goes by the name of Eazy,” said Coolio who has sold over 17 million records worldwide. Jarez Posey played the saxophone during the tribute, combining jazz with the hip-hop guru’s performance.

Harlem’s own Rob Base brought the East Coast flavor with his hits “Joy and Pain” and “It Takes Two.” Vanilla Ice headlined the show. He performed his hits “Play That Funky Music” and “Ice Ice Baby.” He even freestyled with Tone Loc. He reminded people of all the things we had in the 90s like cassette tapes, movies from Blockbuster, vinyl records, and fanny packs which we saw a few of at the concert along with huge hair bows and neon outfits.

“We have a lot in the work. So, keep an eye out for more fun in the Hudson Valley soon!” said Jimmy Lyles, Promotions Director of K-104.

Journalist Ms. Jones

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