North Span Deck Reopens After Nearly Two Years

BEACON – Governor Kathy Hochul Friday announced the substantial completion of the full deck replacement project and the full reopening of the north (westbound) span of the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge, nine months ahead of original schedule. The $95 million project – the largest in the history of the New York State Bridge Authority – has brought a brand-new road surface for commuters and truckers traveling westbound on that section of Interstate 84.

“The Newburgh-Beacon Bridge is a vital link for I-84, connecting commuters, visitors, and truckers alike with New York’s vast transportation network, lively communities, and essential businesses,” Governor Hochul said. “My administration will continue to make bold investments in New York’s infrastructure, and the substantial completion of this $95 million project – the largest in the history of the Bridge Authority – will help ensure the lasting vitality of this important economic and supply chain corridor.”

“The Newburgh Beacon Bridge re-decking is a significant investment in the Hudson Valley community, improving travel, safety and resiliency along this corridor,” Lieutenant Governor Antonio Delgado said. “This project is a win for this community, and it is another example of our commitment to making smart investments in infrastructure today that will benefit New Yorkers for generations to come.”

The north span of the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge is the older of the dual spans and carries westbound I-84 traffic across the Hudson River. The crossing is operated by the New York State Bridge Authority (NYSBA), who oversaw and funded the project through their capital improvement program. First opened in 1963, the last deck replacement on the north span took place in the early 1980s, shortly after the south span of the Newburgh-Beacon was opened. The south span of the Newburgh-Beacon had its deck replaced between 2012 and 2014. The new deck replacement is the largest capital expenditure in the Bridge Authority’s history and a major investment in a critical connector for the Hudson Valley and the Northeast.

Since the start of the re-decking project in December 2020, most traffic was routed onto the wider south span, apart from some westbound traffic coming from Route 9D. Originally scheduled for completion in summer 2023, the construction timeline was moved up to allow for traffic to fully return to the north span months ahead of schedule. Some residual work, mainly below the deck, will take place through June 2023. The work is being completed by Yonkers Contracting Co.

In addition to the base bid of $95 million for deck replacement, Yonkers Contracting did an additional $6.8 million project to install structural elements for the bridge’s conversion to cashless tolling, which took place in July 2021. In total, the $101.8 million contract with Yonkers Contracting is the largest capital contract in the Bridge Authority’s history.

While the project was underway, concrete was poured in place on the bridge, rather than having the contractor install pre-poured panels of concrete on the bridge, which eliminates joints between panels and ensures a better finished product. The new deck was topped with an asphalt overlay to help maximize the life of the new deck.

The deck replacement of the Newburgh-Beacon north span caps off a decade-long period of multiple, significant improvements to the Bridge Authority’s most traveled crossing. In addition to the south span deck replacement between 2012 and 2014, the Bridge Authority completed a rehabilitation of the I-84 overpass over Route 9W in 2019 and the implementation of cashless tolling in 2021.

New York State Bridge Authority Executive Director Dr. Minosca Alcantara said, “A once-in-a-generation project, these new bridge decks will continue to faithfully serve the Hudson Valley for the next 30-40 years. This mammoth project is part of our ongoing stewardship to maintain this important connection between the communities of Newburgh and Beacon for generations to come. We thank the drivers of the region for their patience during the construction and we thank our staff and contractors for their constant, diligent work in bringing this project to a successful and early substantial completion.”

State Senator James Skoufis said, “Orange and Dutchess residents, as well as travelers from across the state, can rest easy knowing their morning and evening commutes will finally be as smooth and as painless as possible. I applaud the Bridge Authority for their work on the re-decking project; this is a vital artery for the region’s economic health.”

Assemblymember Jonathan Jacobson said, “As the Assemblymember representing both sides of the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge and as the one who led the fight to keep the independence of the State Bridge Authority, I wish to congratulate the Bridge Authority in completing the decking of the northern span nine months ahead of schedule. Too often we only hear about government when it fails us so it is important that we celebrate this remarkable achievement. Only with a locally run State agency with the strong support of Governor Hochul could this happen. The completion of this project will mean easier, quicker and safer travel which is essential for the quality of life of residents on both sides of the Hudson.”

Beacon City Mayor Lee Kyriacou said, “Many thanks to the Lieutenant Governor, the NYS Bridge Authority and the entire Hochul administration, for their investment in the Beacon-Newburgh bridge and their commitment to the communities and residents of the Hudson Valley.”

Newburgh Town Supervisor Gil Piaquadio said, “Thank you to Governor Hochul and for connecting our communities together. The Newburgh Beacon Bridge will provide faster and safer passage for the many commuters who utilize it every day.”

Orange County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus said, “Safe and reliable infrastructure is important to Orange County residents and commuters, and continued investment in roads, bridges and mass transit is important to Orange County’s continued success. The completion of this rehabilitation project comes at the perfect time with the holidays right around the corner and traffic increasing. I thank the Governor and our state officials for addressing this important regional infrastructure project.”

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